[New release] Soundcore Strike 3 Gaming Headset

As first reported as upcoming by @Insider over on the Soundcore Collective, the Strike 3 gaming headset is now available to order on Amazon US for $39.99, in stock on 7th December 2019!

  • Stop Listening, Start Feeling: Put yourself at the center of the action with virtual 7.1 surround sound. Oversized 52mm drivers ensure the sound of your victory is delivered with punch and power.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Get an in-game advantage thanks to a specially designed driver enclosure that emphasizes the sound of gunfire and footsteps to pinpoint enemy positions.
  • Stay Cool Under Pressure: Ear pads made from soft memory foam, infused with cooling gel, ensure that you stay cool while you set the scoreboard on fire.
  • You Call The Shots: A fully detachable, noise-cancelling microphone transmits your calls to the team in perfect clarity. The microphone’s IPX5 waterproofing effortlessly resists sweat, water, saliva, and drinks.
  • Take Control: Tailor the perfect listening experience by adjusting every aspect of your gaming sound in the Soundcore Gaming app.

Looks cool! I’m glad that it has some sweat resistance, too! :sweat_smile:

Nice. It will be interesting to see if this headset takes off :thinking:.

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This will never take off, looking at the picture it only has one wing :rofl:

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This sounds interesting…

You got crazy sense of humor @paulstevenewing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I do my best @Ice1 :raising_hand_man:t2:
I don’t take life too seriously.

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Me Too… it’s short life, why make it complicated and miss all the fun? :wink:

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I like the look of those. This is my current headset. Used daily. Cost me £17

Those look good. To bad I just picked up a pair of the alienware 7.1 gaming headsets. I wonder how they compare?

Can’t wait to see reviews on it, if they are good, I’ll probably get it

Get both lol. Let us know hehe

thought about it. May do so. At the moment not playing much since I just finished up on Gears 5.

It is now available to purchase on amazon for $49.99 (price raised).

Here is my video for the Strike 3

Good review. I can’t wait for the next part of it :blush:.

I’ve been testing this headset for the past month or so, and will leave a written review on the community in a few weeks.

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Good review :+1:

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They look cozy! I’m not a gamer but i’d love to sink into them! :ok_hand:

Quick review here: