New Release - SoundCore Infini Pro - $249.99

I’m looking forward for something like this. Hope this will be the next item in Auction or #WeLoveTesting contest, I will bid everything I have :grin:

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True. Sound-bars are quite pricey but totally worth the investment

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User manual for those after more in depth specs…shame there is still no LED readout to determine volume level…hopefully with the HDMI integration there is method to see onscreen :thinking:

Thanks for sharing… love to see it connected to my TV :heart_eyes:

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Hey @ankerofficial did we ever get winners for this old contest?

It should be me :grin:

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@ARTHUR_BRIAN_MOTT Word of advice, if you got this via beta testing you should not be talking about or discussing it as you are bound by the NDA. And discussing it can ruin your chances of future beta test

@AnkerOfficial it would be wise to reiterate the importance of not talking about and discussing beta products with your testers as this isn’t the first time it has happened


Looks so cool but I don’t have the money for it and testers need to be more careful about talking about products they are testing

As the product has already been released to market, there usually isn’t a problem with sharing your experiences. Although I would agree that a check with @AnkerOfficial to confirm would be smart.

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Based on the last NDA I signed for testing a product, confirming with @AnkerOfficial should you wish to share your experience is often a must, as it’s not always guaranteed the version you have been testing is the version that has made it to market…also I don’t believe there is a cut off date listed in the NDA as to when you are no longer bound…though it has been a while on the product testing NDA’s…


@AnkerOfficial any coupons? I’m interested!

I really enjoyed the Infini Soundbar - the bass could become a bit unruly at times, but with careful placement it was one of the best sub £150 soundbars I’ve ever heard.

This looks to rectify some of the issues of the Inifini, namely the addition of dedicated mid range drivers instead of the bass/mid combination on the original. Also the HDMI in/out and Dolby Vision pass through will be really handy :+1:

Will definitely pick one of these up for review - Dolby Atmos is such a brilliant sound codec, can’t wait!

Thanks for sharing

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Looks great thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the reminder. Since the product has been released for public purchase I thought it was safe to post. I have pulled the post, even though the cat is out of the bag.

I can try one but will not buy it for $249
My samsung tv already have a great output

I would love to get another soundbar, but after testing some very high end speakers that literally rock the house down, I don’t ever see myself going back to regular speakers or even a soundbar.

Was this original post an April Fools joke that I fell for? If you look at the very top it says that the product has been released with a link to Amazon. I re read the NDA and as long as the product made it to the open market, I’m not in the wrong. In reading the top level post you can see why I did what I did. If it was released then it was okay to post my review. If I was fooled #AnkerOfficial and Tank I do apologize.

My apologies as I missed that it was available on the market so you were in the right if the NDA says you can post about it once it’s released

Are there any coupons available for Infini Pro, my Vizio soundbar seems to be giving some issues for last one week… may be time for a change,