[New Release] PowerPort III mini (with PowerIQ 3.0)



60W is proportionally larger than 45W due the volume vs surface area problem. So larger chargers make most sense if not for travel, for home use, so its corded bigger home and folding pins smaller travel. That’s just physics.

Then the subtlety is what you do with the lower wattage “budget”, say 45W.

  • dumb: a 30W and a 15W port.
  • intelligent: 45W to both ports.

As negotiations cannot be in parallel, they must be in sequence, so numbered ports.

I also think verified working together chargers and batteries, so a say a 15Ah Powercore is tested to work with say a 45W Powerport.


Nah I meant since this is 1 port, they need to bump the power output to 45w. Sure multiple ports would be great but again, Ravpower has a single port 45w Pd charger made with gallium, so why hasnt anker done the same


A lot of good points here.

As the @professor mentioned about never buying this product. I have to agree.

I already have a Atom 1 and if I want to take advantage of the pd speed and charge other devices i now have to carry two wall chargers!

I ended up picking up a PowerPort II PD because it can charge my phone and my headphones and powerbanks.

Once I get my new notebook I will purchase a wall charger that fan charge everything at once.

I think once the price drops I think this might be a good OEM smaller notebook wall charger or a OEM wall charger for PD cellphone / tablets.


Same design as the 18W PowerPort PD 1


Exactly. I might as well get that and save a few bucks since it’s only for my iPhone :man_shrugging:


I guess the only advantage this charger has over the atom PD 1 is the foldable prongs


True, both will fast charge your iPhone but if you get the one with 18w, you would save $5 to $10


This has PowerIQ 3.0, the atom 1 doesn’t…


Genuinely asking here, but what difference does it make if both can output 30w?


Lol, idk. @joshuad11 or @professor would know better.

I was under the impression that IQ 3.0 allowed it to output 5-30w, or anywhere in between, whereas regular only allowed for set numbers (15, 18, 30 etc.). I could be completely wrong, so don’t quote me on it…


Lol I need to get me one of those USB meters to test this stuff out


Information is scant, we need to get units in hands of testers.

I’d test one if they sent me it.


May not take long, matter of time before there may be a ‘I love Testing’ event soon for Powerport III Mini :thumbsup:


We need to convince them to send it to you. We need a professional to test lol


I agree :thumbsup:


PowerPort III mini has PowerIQ 3.0, which supports Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge.

PowerPort Atom PD 1 has Power Delivery, which does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.


Thanks man :clap::thumbsup:


Wow… One of these days planning to a put together a big Excel doc with PowerIQ, PD, Qualcomm Quick Charge and all / various Anker chargers…


Awesome, I surely need this


@AnkerOfficial need some coupons please!