New Release | PowerPort Atom III Slim (Four Ports)

From what I know from other Anker Desktop Chargers, it should be about 4ft cable with C7 Power Cable

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Thanks @Shenoy

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Nice item! Wish the discount was bigger to entice me to buy it

Size continues to decrease while speeds increase, the future looks bright

It’s usually no discount for our new launched products.:smile: We have offered some benefits to our lovely fans.:smile:

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True, I’ll just wait a bit to get it

Yeah, I seldom buy products unless they have a nice discount.

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I’m excited for this, I live in a hotel and hate having to use a power strip on my nightstand. Definitely going to pick one up. I tried submitting my “testing” request but it’s giving me a “broken link” when I hit submit.

I still buy them without discounts, but I’d rather have a discount lol

Looks like a great product!

A complete package with multiple USB’s :+1:

I’d love to see it in the UK!

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I truly believe next year when USB4 will be the standard, I think there it will have a higher need for USB-C so… I would love to have more usb c ports

I’m loving the slim look but would love to see how four devices perform simultaneously.

I really like this Atom III. Will be it be on sale for cyber Monday?

I was ready to make this purchase and can’t find it anywhere on Amazon!!! What happened to the PowerPort Atom III Slim?

I tried as well, listing no longer available on Amazon

It is also missing from the Anker store!!! Did I miss something?