New FCC ID - Soundcore Spirit Dot 2

Seems there is another Spirit coming shortly… Soundcore Spirit Dot 2


What do you think of this new version ? leave your comments below.

Now, the question is, though it’s a soundcore item, I posted it here in Anker’s forum too. What your take on it? :thinking:


We already knew about this coming soon

But passing through fcc means its near


Why did you post twice? Did we really need to know from two communities?

Stop badgering him, he posted in both places because Not everyone here goes to that site

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I’ve had my eye on this since reading aboutg their announcement but am a bit confused on these vs other products. Are these EU only? Is the liberty Neo 2 the US equivalent? It looks like the neo 2 don’t have the transparency feature which interests me.

These are not out yet, but the liberty neo is it’s own different item and not the same. As for where it will be released is anyone’s guess, but most likely US first and then other markets