[New Community Feature] Network Request

As you all know, this Community was recently overhauled with all-new features, one of those being the “Network” tab in your preferences.

This allows you to follow other Community members to ensure you don’t miss out on their activity.

My request is to allow the user to choose whether we want to be notified of every single new topic/reply posted by each account we’re following or new topics only.

Personally, I would follow many more users if we could opt-out of receiving notifications for every time they posted a reply…

What do you guys think? Be sure to let us know your thoughts with a reply!


Best topic for the Post… These notifications are driving me crazy - at the same time I do want to follow my dear community members who.post interesting posts :slight_smile:

Notifications for new topics is a good option.


Believe this is a current limitation of the plugin for Discourse, namely only one level which is akin to the thread ‘watching’ option…so you get notifications for everything in the thread, not just replies to yourself and/or if your tagged…

Additional levels are supposed to be added soon by the developer…


Completely correct.:joy:


Totally agree! I have a few people I wish I could follow, but I can’t since I would get so many notifications.

I haven’t followed anyone get on so soundcore…

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Agreed… notifications for new topics only would be awesome!

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Meh, notifications dont bother me since I read every thread and post anyway

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