New App Help Section - Stolen from RING

Eufy, if you’re going to steal and copy Ring’s marketing materials, then perhaps change their name as to make it less obvious??? Copy & paste fail.


OOps! That is a big oops!


Fail face palm

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:blush: :man_facepalming: :laughing: :laughing:

@AnkerOfficial You might want to have a word with the relevant department to have this updated in the iOS and Android Eufy app…

I love it when a big organisation does this sort if thing.
It makes me feel better about myself as i do it almost daily :rofl:

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I never bother to read help items… May need to start doing it :sweat_smile:

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I’ve read almost everything written because I’m a complete instruction manual nerd. There lots of things that could be pointed out that are wrong. Even the iOS app name, is it eufySecurity or eufy Security? Throughout the app and materials there just so many inconsistencies. Two example below. The iOS app and the in-app header


Wow, great find, attention to details :crazy_face:

That’s class - maybe Ring is a secret branch of brand from Anker :yum::thinking:


May be a licensing deal between Anker and Ring, and Anker paying royalties for the IP / technology usage

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Yeah I mean if that was the case then surely it’s only a good thing for the Eufy cams

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Or maybe they just got caught their pants down?

Either way, the lasted app update today has ‘fixed’ the issue and all traces of RING are now erased.