Netfliix and Youtube are recducing quality!

Netflix and Youtube are reducing the quality of their videos when streamed here in EU.

All networks are congested at the moment.
So this measure is a good one.



Yes and it’s predictable.

We have already downloaded HD content in last weeks. The TV is also using regular aerial.

One can predict many things but as most people don’t and overreacting, it’s often best to not share.

Just look back 70 years.

When I look 70 years back I am “-1”:joy:

I meant in history books.

You get 4 phases:

  1. panic. People suddenly wake up, start bulking up. We’re in this now, beginning to leave this phase.
  2. Boredom. Stuck home, and realise they have to fill time. Entering now.
  3. Complacency. Not yet started, but this will drive behaviour which will not be pleasant and have consequences not pleasant. So avoid the boredom feeling.
  4. resolution. By my calculation this is September so we have about 5 months to complete Panic, Boredom, Complacency.

In UK we have rationing to ensure all had what they need and stop hoarding. People who are used to not thinking, won’t like rationing.

  1. Complacency and arrogance and against any measures.
  2. panic hoarding things
  3. quarantine
  4. boredom

Nobody knows depends on the people.

The streaming services and internet is still ON, that’s a big thing. This is the least worried item when compared to essentials needed to survive through this period.

This pandemic is unprecedented in that it’s been a long time since the last one and the world very different Since the last. So we’re all learning. Netflix is learning people not out about and on higher power devices and streaming higher quality content more often. Older content is lower resolution, so you’ll be watching Frasier or Laurel and Hardy later.

The impact has been known about for decades by astute cool heads.

But the national plans for pandemics, and critical workers and their protection have been known to be prepared for decades and well rehearsed. As people over-react and read between lines not intended, these plans are not being shared, but its obvious and known by the calm people.

But what we do know is there will be a peak then a reduction, of the order of months.

We do know that this bug is milder in the younger so even worst case you have 20% ill at any given time, followed by growing immunity.

The critical shared infrastructure can be perfectly kept going with 80% of workers. Let’s put it this way, that 22 year old healthy restaurant worker now with nothing to do, can better serve society in other ways shortly.

We’ll “all” (99%) be fine. Wash your hands! Literally, just do that if you’re in a highly infected area, keep distance. Go for walks and bike rides at a distance to keep good mental and physical health as you’ll need that good immune system.

In meantime if anyone lives near me I have a 1TB drive with 907 hours of media downloaded. Can thumbdrive you a box set. :slight_smile:

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Ja, we are like pray mills.
The more we do, the better.
Thank you!

Well said @professor

Now I have a question for you.
How do you think supplies will last for the duration of this outbreak even if your estimation of worst case which is at least September.
As of now the critical essential manufacturer’s and farms are still producing and able to make their products reach end customer.
For example, the factory that makes bread is shut down because one of their worker got infected.
Also, now the infection is spread to rural areas so, the farm workers are infected, may be the transport companies and truck drivers, the warehouse workers get infected?
I hear Amazon is closing one of their warehouse because one worker got infected.

Don’t take me wrong, just playing devil’s advocate here :wink:

Most of what people buy through the year is unnecessary.

Many own more than they need already.

When supply chains break, priorities shift.

Let’s put it in an example. Suppose a person needs a phone, or tablet, etc and the supply chain to get new is broken. Well the person who has a older phone or tablet can sell it used. Used prices increase when new items scarce.

The vast over consumption of recent times is, in effect, spares, which can last a long time.

The truck delivering beer, can deliver bread instead. That gasoline used to drive to the fast food place can be used to deliver food to every house.

The reasons humans make bread is wheat can be stored, then yeast make those calories more digestable for humans. Cheese keeps milk calories for months. Jam, preserving meat, plenty of old skills many forgot.

So no harm needs to be done to anyone, there is a lot of excess which prioritization can repurpose. The issue is habits change. Change feels bad for some. The children though will remember this time they can play in the streets without those lethal cars wizzing past, and many will remember this time fondly, once adapted.

Farm workers are younger, or can be trained from repurposed excess urban people. All these are in history, e.g UK had what was called Land Girls in 1940s. Many loved the work.

Sounds good from reading and in a way I see how it can work.
Anyways, time will prove it one way or the other.

Many people dont even know how to cook or to bake.
Cooking means for them microwaving.
So I dont understand why they are hoarding flour.

any way to download it over internet, may be FTP, Box, Onedrive :smiley:

Wonder if they people who pay extra for 4k and such will get a discount since the quality will drop or if they will be able to continue streaming at 4k

May be those extra payments could be kept and donated from the companies.

More like the companies are gonna take it and keep the extra as “a donation from their customers” lol

Tell me about it…wife is trying to make bread and flour is all out

Dont use plaster instead of flour!
Rest can be found in the internet! :wink:

This is probably the best explanation I have seen about it so far as to what it does and why it is so fast. The issue with younger people getting it is that although they may not show as harsh of symptoms (or any at all) they are still carriers. They take it to one place, infect 3, those 3 take it to 3 places, infect x amount and so on.

Although it has been compared to the flu and how the flu kills so many people a year, the wave of it is not as bad as what we are seeing now, as well as the actual damage it does to the lining of the lungs as well as other cells.

As many would put it, Stay The **** Inside and stop creating a panic at stores and burdening those workers. But as you said as well, going for a walk or ride at a distance is needed. I literally had to force my wife out of the house about an hour ago because she is going on 3 days without so much as stepping outside, and she is starting to feel the effects of it all.

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The over-reacting emotional types, may be better to get used to being indoors, to get used to being indoors. So they then don’t over-react going outdoors later.

We used to play scrabble.

We used to read books.

There’s ooooodddddllllllleees of things we used to do which were not mixing bugs that in relatively recent past we were perfectly happy doing.

It is just adjustment, each at their own pace.

I am currently trying to do 5 kind acts a day. It is harder than you think. Today I managed only 3 kind acts. I “knocked” (waved in their window and they came to the door) on a neighbour’s door and asked if they needed anything (they didn’t), I asked a person looking sad if they needed anything (they didn’t) and someone I know with mental health issues chatted online and told them to take their meds. So I am head down shamed feeling I did not do enough kind things today. I’ll try again tomorrow and try to keep up my 5-a-day. I did more kind acts yesterday, dropped off someone some milk. :hugs:

I walked 6 miles. Nice weather.

I washed my hands 4 times and wiped alcohol on them 6 times. And yes,my finger ends are getting sore and cracked from the drying effect. They’ll get better.