Need help with A3341 Soundsync

I have bought the Anker A3341 off amazon. I am trying to pair my Andover phono system to my Bose Earphones. I have the Anker in Transmitter mode. getting a blue flashing light. Headphones searching for a signal but not finding. Honestly I can not tell if the transmitter is working. Usermanual is not helpful. Can someone give me some step by step help. Thanks

Have you tried to connect other earphones/earbuds to another device with that transmitter.
I used that one some time ago with an old SONY stereo, had no problems.

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may be reset it by putting it in Receiver mode and turning it on. Then turn off and put back to transmitter mode. Hopefully that helps. Also try other headphones to see it they connect (as @Chiquinho suggested).

@joedtidwell connect your Andover phono system to the SoundSync via cable and then put the SoundSync in transmitter mode. Double press the mode/pairing button on the SoundSync until you have a rapid flashing light, put you headphones in pairing mode and they should pair correctly.

thanks will try