Need help to connect my surface pro with capsule Pro via Miracast

Hi, i got a brand new Capsule Pro and I am no able to connect my Windows Surface Pro Notebook with the capsule for wireless mirroring my Notebook for a Outlook or Excel presentation. The connection by HDMI cable works perfect. The mirroring of my IphoneX works as well.
Can somebody hepl me to, it is urgent because i have tomorrow an important presentation. Thanks in advance.

Toni C.

Google Casting may be an option and this works 100%. Try to search and install the Airscreen from the pre-install App store on the Capsule Pro. This provides Chromecasting function and you can share screen using Google Chrome on the Surface.

If you dont find it, you may need to get the Google Play Store enabled - Contact Nebula Support - they will provide you the code and steps how to enable it (its a firmware change / upgrade, will take time) – > Not sure if this will happen before tomorrow, worth a try.

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Thanks Shenoy, I spooke with Anker Germany and they told me, that Anker cannot help me with a personal technical assistant and suggest me to find help here :frowning: I dont have that Knowledge to do what you mentioned to me and so i decide to buy an other beamer. But thanks a lot for your help.

@ac15 have you sent an email to Nebula Support -, they almost reply the same day on Weekdays.

Try going to the Online Chat and mention it.