Nebula's Next Projector Recognized for Innovation

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From what I’ve seen from ces it seems like there will be a 4K and a 1080p versions of this projector and they are portable but done seem to have internal batteries and instead need to be plugged in to operate. You could couple that with a power station and take your projector anywhere

No Mr Bond, I expect you to die.


The frames sound amazing, I have been using them everyday at work and no one knows otherwise.

Also I need this projector, my little soda can nebula projector is getting old and I need more lumen to see certain movies better.

Really appreciate knowledge on how they sound. I take your word than others who state that and makes it more tempting.

I missed the 50 off from Amazon at Christmas but was most likely will use a hundred from my notes if I continue to get them.

The Nebula projector is pretty cool as well. I get the need for more lumens as I get older. Lol

My family was giggling at me. I had to state they are "sunglasses " that can also play audio. :rofl:

I wish soundcore had a coupon for over $100 would be nice and I have a feeling you might have enough notes for it

I will say you are correct and then some even after spending about 135 notes on giveaways

You should be a little bit over the 500 as well if you had not spent any notes.

Not sue how much bigger cause I’m not over the $100 one by a lot but it would be nice that way if you wanted the frames or a more expensive speaker or even some of their earbuds it’s be nice to get a little closer to playing nothing. The $100 was nice when not as many products were over that price