Nebula referral contest

Got this from a sponsor post on Facebook. Enjoy it if you decide to sign up if needed.


Got no “Fakebook”, I am so glad about,
There is no need for me.


Good luck guys :+1:

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I agree. Good luck.

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I would enter but to be honest I’m done with all their social media contest because the only people who win are those who have a ton of followers or those who create multiple accounts so they can win


So true Rob! :+1:

Indeed social media awards the biggest cheats and those not remotely interested in the actual product. The last competition I remember based on Anker interest was last year.

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I agree.

I am glad one on the community won on the the last one.

I may be wrong but I only thought they gave out 4 out 5 from the last giveaway. I thought the last one was going to be from the community as the 5th one.

I do hate certain types of social media contest. My worse ones are the log in and vote for the person. Unless you have a dedicated group to go vote, you will not win. I think winning by a random selection is better than trying for votes and not getting the votes needed even if their entry is bad.

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Never think about win, Duane!
The greatest “win” in our short life is a stable health.
This can not be won at all.
It is given by OUR LORD.:smiley:

I never really think about wins until it is won. I do enjoy the stats or research of a contest than the win itself and then just rely on luck or to play the odds when needed.

I know I am weird in this aspects

I do agree with all points you have stated and he is thanked for things that he provides.

With the last sentence that I quoted below is why I enjoy these communities. I like that you can get people to consistently to go help each other when needed. Heck we even set up plans to help multiple folks when the opportunity happens. ( ie the Nebula contest with the ball on your head and those Eufy robovacs that Germany seems to have more often there) :slight_smile:

Yea they never did award the community win…although they could say that since a member won via social media it counts as a community too

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