Nebula Mars II Will Not Power On or Will Power On But Immediately Shut Down


Have a Nebula Mars II that will either not power on, or will power on and then immediately shut down. Very erratic as to which of the two it does. Four lights on top are on when plugged in, but not when it is unplugged.

Could it be a power adapter issue?

Hi there,

Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention.

We regret to hear that your Mars II doesn’t seem to work properly now. In order to help us document the defect, please try below steps to see how it works:

a. Charge the Mars II to full capacity
b. Keep it plugged in and use a pin to plug into the reset hole for 3-5 seconds and try again

If the issue remains, please contact us at with a short video to display the issue. We will be glad to help you out with the 12-month warranty.

Sorry for the trouble and inconvenience caused. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Anker Support Team

Maybe the cable is bad and maybe it hasn’t charged