Nebula Mars II - Fails multiple times to turn on. Potential Beta Firmware issue?

I didn’t see the reply until now. Just sent it.

No fix. Sent the purchase details now to Anker, as I just saw their messsage today.

I did more search online and I found many people complaining of the same issue.

Did you have any luck ?

Just got a reply back from Anker…

Seems like we’re back to square one… That default pre made responses again…

Agent in Hong Kong took delivery and within a day they’d agreed to replace (a brand new unit was in my place the next day). Superb service, I have to say. And Nebula Support themselves were also super responsive.

I’m on my second Nebula Mars 2 projector. Both have done exactly what you’re describing. I would open the shutter, hear the fan kick on, see the LED turn on and the “Nebula” screen, then the fan would spin down. It would immediately try to turn itself on again with the same result. Then it just wouldn’t do anything when I opened the shutter. So, I sent the first one back under warranty and they replaced it with a new one, but told me that the replacement would not be under warranty.

Well, guess what, same problem. Within two weeks of receiving my projector, it started having the same issues. I suspect there’s a faulty connection in the shutter somewhere, but I haven’t taken it apart to try tinkering with it yet. @AnkerOfficial has been no help. I’ve contacted customer support multiple times but they don’t return my calls or emails. They’ve treated others similarly. Regardless of what Anker says, this is a common issue and Anker has refused to address it. Check out this thread:

(That is not my thread, btw, that’s someone else who is ALSO on their second projector…let that sink in…) Search through the reviews on Amazon and you’ll see lots of people complaining about similar powering off issues.

They have lost my trust and business for good this time. It’s a bummer, because initially, I loved this projector. I gave it a 5 star review on Amazon because it was so much better than I’d expected. But then it just crapped out on me and Anker customer service has been lousy. I’m hoping someone files a suit against them or something. I’d hop on a class action lawsuit in a heartbeat because of the way they’ve treated their customers. I have a $500 paperweight now that lasted less than a year.

Hi @jasonjennifer.hill,

Thank you for letting us know your issue.
Please check your trash/spam box for our emails.
We’ve checked our email system and found out that the last time we had a discussion regarding this problem was in January 2020. The reason there seemed to be no responses from us is probably because our response emails went straight into the trash box.
We will send you a new email soon. Please check the trash box to make sure you receive our email this time.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Anker Community Team

The last email I received from you guys was in January as you said, requesting me to re-upload the video of the problem I was having. But it doesn’t matter, because this was the gist of that email:

“As you may notice, the warranty of the original order for your Mars II expired already, this brand-new replacement is a one-time exception we provided. Normally, it is not within our warranty coverge. However, we appreciate having you as one of our valued customers. We are more than happy to provide you with any technical support we can to fix the issue for you.”

So, basically, you guys washed your hands of the problem and offered “technical support.” I’m sure that you think your company did a great job here because you replaced my projector outside of warranty. How generous of you. But here’s the problem.

First off, YOUR WARRANTY SUCKS. One year? Really? You advertise your bulb as lasting 30,000 hours! That’s 3-4 years of 24/7 projection. Naturally, I expected this product to last a few years. If I’d known that your projectors wouldn’t last longer than a year (at best!), I’d have never paid $500 for it. I’d have bought a cheap $100 walmart projector instead.

Secondly, I was BARELY outside of the warranty. Like a month or two. Again, if you make a good product, why doesn’t your warranty extend past a year? And providing me with a non-warranted replacement? That’s a joke, right?

Thirdly, I’m not going to give you credit for replacing my projector outside of the warranty when the replacement projector HAD THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM!!! Your “exception” did me no good at all. You replaced one lemon with another.

Lastly, I have tried on MULTIPLE occasions to call customer service since that January email. I’ve waited on hold for 40+ minutes. I tried leaving a callback number. I got transferred to different departments. I finally got ONE callback, despite having left a callback number on several occasions, and the person who called me back ended up putting me on hold in the same queue I started off in–so that I could leave another callback number! I did, and never got a callback. Seriously!!! Is THAT what you call customer service?

After several months of this crap, I gave up. You guys are giving me the run-around and it’s obvious you have no intention of fixing the problem. You keep pushing out crappy projectors that break down anywhere from 6mo - a year after purchase and then hide behind your lousy warranty to excuse your crappy workmanship. You sell lemons. Pure and simple. Expensive lemons. Then you give your customers the run-around to keep them from ever getting a solution.

@AnkerOfficial Would you be happy if you’d paid $500 for a product which lasted a year and then gave up? Would you be happy if the company then acted like they were being generous by replacing it with another faulty product and then saying, “Oh, sorry, that was a one-time exception”? Would you be happy if they refused to call you back, put you on hold, and gave you the run-around?

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Was this issue ever resolved? I just bought a projector…worked for a few minutes and then kept shutting itself off. Eventually it just stayed off. LED lights only come on when I plug in the adaptor.

I’m glad you asked, because I meant to post an update but forgot. Yes, I’m happy to say that Anker replaced my second projector with a new one. Someone from Anker contacted me not long after I wrote my post above and they replaced it free of charge and apologized for the bad experience. They said that their engineers had identified the source of the problem and remedied it, and they were sending me one of the updated models. I’ve had it for a month or more now with no issues at all. I asked what the issue was, but they wouldn’t tell me. Probably cuz they knew I’d post it here for all of you. lol That’s their prerogative, I suppose. I’m just happy to finally have what I thought I was paying for in the first place. It was a rough ride, but I’m truly grateful they stood behind their product in the end. I suggest contacting customers service. They should be aware of the issue now and able to fix it.

You guys are lucky. I have owned a Nebula Mars II since may 2019, and maybe used it 10 times. always used it with the anker stand and the product was never mishandled and kept in the anker nebula carrying case. I am having the same issues as the rest of you, I emailed Anker customer service, instead of offering my a solution, the asked if I wanted a refurbished replacement for $120 extra. What kind of BS is that. They are well aware of this issue, some customers get preferential treatment I guess, other customers get thrown under the bus.

What was the name of the individual who helped you? I will need to get in contact with them, as I am being offered a refurb unit for $120 on my unit having the same issue. What a joke…

I have the exact same problem. Not turning on, or auto shut off. Now completely dead.
Out of warranty and won’t like to buy a refurbished one for $120.
So disappointed about Anker this time and regret that I suggested others to buy Anker products.
Because after I open the case, I see how badly the soldering work is done. I found one dropped solder on a chip, and there are scratches on electric board!
This will be my last thing from Anker.

I just dusted mine off after a year or so in storage and used it for 2 days, then updated the firmware now I am having this very problem. Seems like it can only be remedied with a replacement? I don’t think I am under warranty still as I bought this projector in Jan 2019. I was very pleased with the product until this happened.

I’m so happy to find this thread. I’m on my 3rd Mars 2 each of mine have had this issue. My latest one has been having this issue for months and @AnkerOfficial will not replace this one because it is over a year after my original purchase so it is out of warranty. They will only provide me 20% off my next purchase (not happening). So I wish you all luck, but know that once your warranty expires they will not cover it when the time comes. Mine has now officially stopped even trying to turn on anymore. Time to buy a new projector and it will 100% not be with Anker.

@Paulodellscott, were all of them MARS 2 or was there any MARS 2 PRO in the mix ?

After interacting to @AnkerOfficial, the problem was solved, via replacement, in a way that worked for me.

I’m now back on the game using it a lot every day.


Glad you got the issue sorted and are back in action

Good to hear.

I have same problem, but I found a half way working method. If once you can start the projector with lens cover, you can switch on or off with remote controll. You must never close the lens cover and must never let go dead the accumulator. I use my Mars II this way, and it’s works months ago.
Now there is a new update, but I don’t dare to install it. Have you any infonabout that?
Thanks a lot!