Nebula Mars I - Firmware update

There’s been firmware updates (official and beta, like the version that supports Google Services) for Mars II.
Any news about updating the firmware on Mars I?


Any news on this, mine is on version NBUI_P1_V0.0.17 and when I try the ‘check update option’, it attempts with the message ‘Checking new version’ and finally states ‘Checking latest version fail’ with the options: try again or cancel.

The same happen to mine. I bought it last year but I can not update the software neither connect my UHD laptop to the projector even when I had try with many different HDMI cables.
Support people didn’t give me a solution for that either.

Any new updates on this? I’m also unable to run the firmware update process on my nebula mars, which I purchased in 2017. The process just fails.

Hi people from Anker, don’t you think it will be nice if you dedicate a little time to make some of us happy?
I’m still waiting for a solution for my Nebula Mars, I think it could not be difficult to fix the update problem and add a new version for the OS.