Nebula Mars 2 - Stuck in boot loop

Hello, I’ve had my projector for about 14 months, and loved it up until this point. I even ordered a Cosmos Max i was so impressed with this unit.

Unfortunately when i turn on the device now, it appears to be stuck in a loop of trying to turn on. It will project the logo and then shut down again and again about 4-5 times before turning off alltogether

Having the unit plugged in or not doesnt seem to make a difference, the battery led’s are indicating that it’s fully charged.

After a few attempts i can reach the home screen, and i can see that it no longer detects USB devices. Sometimes i can get a movie to play for about 5-10m and then it will display “powering off” and shut down again

I’ve seen some similar posts like this in the forum but not sure if this is a known issue or not?

I contacted support but haven’t heard back yet.


Sounds like the Power button is stuck from sticky stuff. While off give the power button a good wipe with Isopropyl Alcohol wipes, squish into the button edges, then leave it for a decent time like an hour to evaporate.

Support will likely reply in a few hours, so try the the above interim. Important: only that stuff, not water or anything else.

Where is the power button? The Mars 2 just has a shutter that opens to turn it on

Are there contacts in the shutter that you’re referring to?

Also does anyone know how to disassemble this thing? I can’t find screws visible anywhere


Don’t disassemble. Warranty void.

Don’t own the Mars 2, but it’s sounding like if in a loop it may be the on/off type physical mechanism, so clean moving parts only with Isopropyl Alcohol wipes, nothing else.

Also wait for support. The lack of USB support is also a hint its broken and needs a warranty support, but USB could also be dirt in the USB socket. Age in moving parts is usually the grease from fingers - not saying you are a dirty person - just all skin has a small amount of grease and over 14 months is accumulates. It is a really cheap fix to use Isopropyl Alcohol wipes.


I spoke to Anker support and they said since it’s out of warranty they would offer me 30% off of a new device which softens the blow a little.

I decided i would take it apart to see what i could do myself. this thing is pretty complicated inside, but i took lots of reference photos and took my time.

I completely disassembled and unplugged all internal cables, Anker glues most of them in place which is a bit of a pain. If anyone else is attempting this make sure you flip up the little clamps that are holding the ribbons in place.

After reassembling all the pieces the projector now works perfectly! I attribute this to something being loose or unseated. It could also be the act of physically disconnecting the battery was a hard reset for the system? I don’t know.

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It is more likely dirty inside through the fan causing a short, unplug / replug just cleared it.

Any area where there is grease, like near kitchen, will tend to condense on electronics with fans and eventually cause a problem.

Not bad design, not Anker’s fault, just be aware for any high cost electronics which have fans, they filter, and so condense, contaminants.

Fingers, touch, hair, kitchens, dampness, etc, all add up.

Good you fixed it, but look at if, not saying necessarily it’s your specific cause, for anything in the area which can get into the device.

Laptops have the same issue but the CPU is so hot it tends protect the more sensitive parts.