Nebula Fire TV Sound Bar with Directv receiver?

I have a Samsung 2016 4K SmartTV and Directv (HR54 Genie receiver).
Would this Nebula Fire TV Soundbar control the Directv receiver, and also change inputs for the Samsung TV?

(I don’t really see how it could control the Directv receiver as it has no HDMI input nor any IR receiver/emitter but maybe I misunderstand how it works. From what I see of the specs, it seems this soundbar would have been a lot more interesting with a couple HDMI inputs.)

Any insight?

Thank you.

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It may be the other way round, may be Direct genie remote may be able to control the FireTV Sound bar.

Reach out to Soundcore support to get the IR codes.

But my purpose in the FireTV sound bar would be the voice control, e.g. “Alexa, watch ESPN” (and my hope is FireTV would magically figure out how to do that - input for Directv, channel 206 on Directv, etc) or “Alexa, watch Stranger Things” (and have FireTV figure out in needs to use NetFlix for that.) That’s well beyond IR codes for the Directv remote.

My guess is this goodness doesn’t yet exist.

that is too much to ask at this stage, unless DirecTV / Fire TV do some kind of integration.

Also, there may be some other third party remotes which may do this, I will post back if I find any.

Hmm… good to know if that is possible. I know you can ask Alexa to play any movie or show or a camera when integrated within the Fire TV App. But no idea if there is a like to Diret TV… you might need to search for it and find an App and link your account.

I can already do that with Google Assistant /Home Mini / Zolo mojo to play channels on Roku… So matter of time for others to catch up

@ronsou there is a different soundbar with alexa built in that does what you want it to do. But you have to connect and sync and link all your accounts with amazon in order for alexa to do what you want it to do. It doesnt have fire tv, only alexa built in so take that as you will. I own it and did use it this way for a while, but it is finicky at times and proved to be more aggravating than it was worth so I took it down

Thank you for your questions. Please know we cannot use the Nebula Soundbar to control the Directtv receiver and change inputs for the Samsung TV. There is an Alexa button on the remote of the Nebula Soundbar. We can use it to control the Soundbar when we turn it to FTV mode. Thanks