Nebula Cosmos Max - Netflix stopped working

So far I’ve used Netflix from the Nebula Manager app. It’s an older version, but worked fine up until last night.

Ever since, I’m getting the “current media cannot be played immediately - 1044” error. Tried sideloading the latest official version, but it says the device is incompatible.

Can we expect a fix in the near future?

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I had the same issue with the latest Netflix TV App. I still had on my cosmos Max the netflix ‘tablet’ version and this one is working (with the mouse on nebula connect app).

I am waiting for the support answer.

and here the answer from Nebula support:

*"In this case, may I bother you to uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app V6.26.1 version through the Nebula Manage app to see how it works? The current supported Netflix app version is a mobile version, so we would have to recommend you use our Nebula Connect phone app’s mouse mode to control it. *

We understand the operation is not very user-friendly, and the team is still working hard to see if any better workaround we can offer. At this moment, we will have to bother you to try in this way. "

Yeah, I’ve already reinstalled the app from Nebula Manager, and it still installs the previous TV version of the app that doesn’t work anymore. I’ll try again a bit later.