Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K Reviews and Unboxings So Far

So far the more in-depth one is the short circuit video but I am still holding out for some longer reviews.
I will update this thread here just so all the reviews I find are in the same spot so if this is something you’re interested in check back later. My guess is we will see a couple more reviews in a couple of weeks but I am not sure how many we will see before the completion of the kickstarter.

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Pure advertising. :grin:
Those are not the reviews we are waiting for. :laughing:

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I agree they are not the reviews that we are waiting for but its a start for those who know nothing but I am hoping more will come out. It would suck if there were no real ones. Personally I would do an unboxing and first impressions post because while we all know it doesn’t hold much fact of the product first impression feed back for Anker is important and some people just want to see what’s in the box. Then I’d probably do a one week one month and one year reviews to revisit and see how it goes. At least I would hope to see a break down similar because it looks like a great product but I know a lot of people that would want solid reviews before buying

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Good job posting the links. I’m excited to watch these videos

When I got the little Astro I had some question about it and got answers from more skilled members here as well.
This was more than perfect.
It took me a while to get to know the subject well.

I don’t think the well known “testers” we meet at YT will do,
Those “experts” have never questions. :wink: