Nebula Cosmos 4K / Home Automation

Just want to say “Thank You” :slight_smile:
What a great product.
Received from Kickstarter two days ago, and still was satisfied with this quality :sunglasses:
Just one suggestions, please be “remote controlled”: For me, I am using KNX, IOBroker and Logitech Ultimate Remote… However, it will be great, if it will be possible to integrate Cosmos in Room Scenes. Don’t hesitate to contact me for Idea and real live Test.

Glad to hear you like the Nebula Cosmos 4K

I’m also trying to figure out how to get this working with my Smart Home setup. What I’m confused by is the lack of compatibility with Google Home. Can somebody explain why my Shield and my TVs with Chromecast support show up as Displays in Google Home as soon as I connect my Google account but not my Cosmos? Love my Cosmos so far by the way!

My Cosmos shows up properly in Google Home. Even though the initial setup goes through the Google app (with the new Google TV with Chromecast dongle, the setup is done through the Google Home app), it pops up in Google Home immediately.

Sadly Google Home or Android TV doesn’t provide much of a 3rd party API, so unless the device is rooted, home control is a hard to crack topic (mostly because Google has a quite iron grip on what’s allowed in an Android TV implementation).

Thanks for the heads up. I figured out how to add it to my room which makes my life so much easier. Still need to figure out how to connect it to my Harmony Hub and I’ll be all set

I don’t think you can connect it to a Harmony Hub. The Hub supports IR-based devices, and a number of smart devices (Sonos, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung SmartThings and FireTV), but Android TV support is quite patchy. This guide should be the answer, but I’m not 100% sure you can set it up that way.

The hub is IR, Bluetooth and IP based remotes, it’s quite handy. I’m pretty sure I can teach it the commands myself (I’ll keep everyone posted) but what I found as odd was during the initial Cosmos setup when it asked what apps would you like to pre-install, there was a Logitech Harmony remote tv app with a picture on the harmony elite remote. But after the setup process I don’t see it anywhere. I wonder what that app was?