Nebula Capsule shows website "" when router is offline?

Dear Community,

I use my Nebula Capsule (I love it!!) to project some dia slides over AirPlay. The Projector is connected to over a WLAN Router with no internet-connection to an iPad that provides the pictures that are displayed.
After aprox. 5 min the AirPlay connected stops and the Webbrowser pops up with a white page “DNS-Error”. I seems like the web browser tries to access which is not possible without the missing dsl-connection on the router (with internet-access there is no problem).
Does anybody now how to avoid the browser to pop up after 5 Min?
Thank you very much.

Best regards from Munich

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Hi @Daniel_Wittwer can you try to update the Nebula Capsule firmware to the latest and check if this happens.

I will try to simulate it today and post my findings

Also you may reach out to Nebula Support with these details

Servus Daniel!

You are from München (Die Perle des Südens) ?
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Sorry I can not give you any answer to your question, I dont have such a beamer.
But nice to meet you here.

May be the gurus from Nebula can give you an satisfying answer.

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Dear Franz,

danke für deine Nachricht. Ich bin wirklich gespannt, ob es eine Lösung für das Thema gibt.
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Perhaps you should contact the support directly like Shenoy suggested.

Yesterday night I tested Nebula Capsule with my iPhone to simulate @Daniel_Wittwer scenario

– Internet Disconnected for both devices (disabled on the wifi router / internet cable disconnected)
– Connected to Nebula Capsule via the Nebula Connect app for remote control
– Connected to Capsule via Airplay, did a photos slide show, using Photos App on iPhone
– tested this for 15 minutes (internet still disconnected)

Observations –

  • Airplay did not stop, the slideshow went on for 15 min till I stopped it.
  • No browser pop-up / nothing for

My Nebula Capsule firmware version is M1_GMS_v1.0.1098 and my iPhone is on iOS 14 (Latest release)

@Daniel_Wittwer I would suggest you to upgrade your capsule to the latest version, this should hopefully resolve the issue for you.

Also reach out to Nebula Support make a video of the issue being discussed, this will be requested by support

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But you can give those hints only when you get your hands on the item.

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If you show up in the early morning we can share a cup.
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Things are looking much better, skies are blue again (finally… tired of red-orange-yellow skies!!! ) … air quality improved, can now keep the windows open,

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Great to hear that you are fine!!!

Hi Guys,

first let me thank you for your great support! You’re right - I tried to see what will happen, if Nebula Capsule is connected to my regular DSL Modem and I unplug the DSL-Cable. Nothing is happening.

Then I connected my iPhone with the other WLAN Router (that is not connected to a DSL line) and there was the pop up you see in the attachment.

So you’re first idea was right! The pop up was caused by the WLAN Router. It shows a notification that there is no internet connection.

I modified the router settings and set a static ip address for the internet connection. After a reboot there was no white blank screen displayed by the Nebula Capsule. So my “Photo Booth Box” now works fine - ready for the next party! :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

Best regards from Munich (Proooost!)


@Daniel_Wittwer Glad the issue is resolved for you!!

One more happy Anker / Nebula customer :+1::clap:

Fine you got that fixed Daniel.