Nebula Capsule II Review Requests

Hey Everyone! Without going into a lot of detail, my life has been a little out of sorts lately and many things have had to take a back seat. I have 4 kids all adopted out of foster care with various special needs. My oldest has been forced to experience what we all might imagine hell could be like for the last 9 years of his life. Now that he doesn’t have to live that reality anymore, it’s hard for him to function like your typical 10-year-old. It’s super sad and my heart breaks so many times over for this kid I love so much.

That being said, it’s time to get this review done for the Capsule II! While I’m getting the review together, I wanted to ask you all if there are specific things you’d like to know about it and see in the review. If there are a lot of talking points I could make a second video where I can try my best to answer all questions and demo it in action.

Thanks for the patience and understanding on this one!


:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:. This is definitely a valiant mission. You are very noble indeed for pursuing this. Thanks you so much!

My request is that you let your kids be in the review again :wink:

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Fantastic, what you are doing.
This means much more a “normal” father has to do and can do.
Take your time and count on us here.
WE ALL are with you!


There are no words to mention for the efforts and responsibility you have taken up, we are all with you!


Thank you, @TechMan, @Chiquinho, and @Shenoy. I appreciate the kind words and positivity!

Just to be clear, I wasn’t fishing for compliments with that quick recap of a portion of my life. I just wanted to let you all know that I don’t take what I’ve won for granted and have every intention of following through with the reviews. :blush:

So…any review request? lol

If I thought you were fishing for compliments I wouldn’t have complimented you :wink:.

As I stated above, I really liked it when your daughter was in it. I thought it was a unique idea :wink:.

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I would like to see if you can install Android APKs such as Sling or Moviesanywhere on the Capsule and results…

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It is awesome that you opened up your heart and home to those kids. I was adopted too so I do appreciate that there are kind hearted people like you to give us a chance in life. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. :slight_smile: With that being said, it would be great if you got the kids involved in this review. I for one, have never had a projector so I don’t know squat about it. It would be awesome if you could explain that a bit for newbies like myself. I’ve always been curious about it but just never saw how it would benefit me if I bought one. What can you project with it? What does it connect to? Those kinds of things. Other then that, I look forward to your review, when you get a chance to do it. Of course, family should come first. :slight_smile:

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Dude its awesome. Please feel free if you ever need to vent to message me. It takes a strong person to take that decision.

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Mate, as someone who went through life as a state controlled kid, and went through 30 different establishments, most before I was 5.

I was abused, tortured, emotional blackmailed, raped, and all the stuff living as a kid in state homes n establishments, that we went through.

The dream was always to find a living family, that would take you on, with all the baggage and emotionally wrecked, and distrusting of everyone, and that the family would love you like a normal kid and be a normal family member.

What you’ve done is amazing, and the work you continue to do, is fantastic. You n your family deserve every reward you should get.

As someone who never got what you’re giving… THANK YOU :grin::pray:


Kids: ✓
Apps: ✓
What can you project?: ✓
What can you connect to it?: ✓
Type of inputs: ✓

Thank you all again for all the kind words. It really means a lot. :slight_smile:

@MacBlank, I’m so sorry that life wasn’t what it should have been for you. It sounds like his story is somewhat similar to yours. No child deserves to go through any of this. My son is currently in a residential facility getting more intense therapy to help him process, cope, and overcome his trauma so he can live the life he deserves and be a kid again. We’ve met many kids in there with no family at all. We’re not giving up on our son, no matter how difficult and challenging this adventure is.


It’s a life I was handed, and it’s over but the scars are deep. I know once or twice, I’ve displayed my mental health here!

It’s something I’ve learned to cope with, but I done it my way, alone.

Your SON, is soo lucky to be getting help now, at an early age. CPTSD ain’t great, but for some cognitive behavioural therapy works… For me it doesn’t.

I have a technical father… He’s alive, and I know who he is, but he has a title only. He’s never been there for me, and has been the cause of a lot of my emotional fk ups. I also know who my half family are, they want nothing to do with me, which is good, as I want nothing to do with them, or him!

My mother tried to drown me at 6 months old, and left me in a maladjustment unit at 5yrs old.

So, not having a natural family isn’t always a bad thing! For me, life was worse due to having a father, who couldn’t give a sht about me, and only saw me after social workers spent weeks CONVINCING HIM TO SEE ME (is what it says in my report).

Stay strong, ride the storms, cuddle often, and tell him…

He’s loved, wanted and clever.

In fact I’d say to all parents, to do this.

If you ever want to chat about struggles or private problems, just pm me any time.


Thank you again for opening up and sharing your story. I cannot even begin to imagine everything you had to try to overcome. My son has PTSD, RAD, ODD, and ADHD. It can be very challenging at times, that’s for sure. Luckily he has a great support system and we have a bunch of resources through the state at our fingertips to help him through all of this.

Last night I made sure to tell the 3 kids that are home right now how much they’re loved, wanted, appreciated, and how wonderfully amazing they are. They all went to bed with smiles on their faces. :slight_smile:


Tell him the “whole community” all over the world is in friendship with him!

Many, many comrades!


So does the nebula capsule II have the regular google play store in it? If not, I’m curious if it’s possible to Side load it, so you could download any google play store app… probably not a test fit for a review though :joy:

Thank you so much! I will pass on well wishes from all over the world. I’m sure he’ll find that really amazing and inspiring!

@TechMan, it’s running Android software, so it has access to just about every Android app from streaming, to music, to gaming, and more. It’s pretty darn awesome!

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I will write him an email from Munich if he wants to
“Old grandpa” Franz" :rofl:

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Recording the last of this tonight with all 4 of my kids since I’ll have my oldest home tonight. :blush:

I’ll hopefully have the video review up tomorrow providing I can edit it secretly at work… Stay tuned!

Without going into too much detail, we’ve had a death in the family this week, so I had to focus on my family.

Here’s a preview of a portion of the review: Outside Pool Party Projection of Ready Player One

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WOW cool set up bro. Good to hear that you had your kid that night. Nice house by the way.

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