Nebula Capsule II Deal for $429.99

Nebula Capsule II Deal for $429.99 with Price Drop and $30 off Amazon coupon

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Nebula Capsule II

About Nebula

Nebula is the pioneer of immersive entertainment. Nebula’s vision is to give you an advanced visual and interactive experience at home and beyond.

Nebula is a brand under Anker Innovations Ltd.

Capsule II builds upon the pocket-sized design of Capsule and unleashes its true potential. By combining Android TV with a radiant 720p, 200 ANSI lumen image, Capsule II ushers in the next generation of portable, pocket-sized entertainment.

Enjoy immersive audio and visuals anywhere, together with those who matter.

  • Android TV
  • The Google Assistant
  • 3600+ Apps
  • Chromecast
  • 2.5-Hour Continuous Video Playtime
  • Comprehensive Connectivity

Android TV

Enjoy a universe of awesome entertainment with Android TV. Choose from thousands of movies, shows, and games.


Instantly access all your entertainment with the Google Assistant.

3600+ Apps

Download all of your favorite apps, including Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Twitch, and more.

Chromecast Capability

Expand your entertainment with Chromecast. Cast your most beloved apps from your Android or iOS device, Mac or Windows computer.

Extended Playtime

Enjoy your favorite films in their entirety. Capsule II delivers 2.5 hours of continuous HD projection.

Universal Connectivity

Watch content via physical connections like HDMI and USB, or wirelessly over WiFi, Bluetooth, and Chromecast.


Great deal :+1:

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I’ll need a bigger discount lol


I don’t need this enough for $430


Lol ID take one for free but no way in hell I’ll pay that much for one. I’m still not sold on projectors


Nice discount!

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As an owner of the original Capsule, I bought one of these for $399 in late December. It’s sat in my company’s office in Miami ready for me to pick up next month.

We’ve had a whale of a time with the Capsule on family camping trips and holidays, including riding out a torrential storm while stuck in a US hotel (with woeful US TV) with two young kids. Sure, we could have all sat there glued to individual screens but the Capsule and a couple of bags of microwave popcorn turned enforced incarceration into an ‘event’! (Mary Poppins followed by The Incredibles, if you’re interested :wink: )

Oh, and in the UK at least, campers are always interested in checking out other camper’s cool gear and gadgets. Pound for pound, nothing draws ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ (and a few chairs/blankets/beers) more than a Capsule and piece of white ‘blackout’ material pegged to the side of our camper. (The Muppet Movie last time out, if you’re interested :wink: )

The original is great but I still felt it was worth investing again for the additional benefits the ‘II’ brings, which address the weaknesses of the first model. I’ll likely let my son keep the original and hook it up to his iPad for school media projects etc.

For those not sold on compact projectors, fair enough, but you need to think of their use beyond ‘TV replacement’ (which they most definitely do NOT achieve) and think of them as a whole new method of enjoying media. That’s where they shine and I can’t wait to start enjoying my Capsule II adventure.

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I think you described the only benefit of this, it’s for groups not individuals and portability. But think about the context of what a group means.

Here in UK if you remove one aspect of the Capsule of its pocket size, the price drops £300 for something which needs a bag, but if you’re spending days away from home, with multiple people, to justify a worse picture quality on a wall, the combined bag of clothes is ample space to put in a projector. True that if you’re on your own the extra bag space for £130 Vs £430 projector is noticeable, but then a 11" tablet is better image quality on pixels density.

Bad hotel TV, well if it took HDMI then a £20 Chromecast gives all the streaming options, if the WiFi is bad then stream off your downloaded media off a phone.

So when you place this in contexts, it fails the value for money test.

It’s simply too expensive for what it does.

Example below, £470 Vs £110

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“Dad! Where do I plug in the new projector?”
“Dunno Son, professor didn’t give me a 200m extension lead or portable generator!”
“Dad, where’s my sister?”
“At home son, there wasn’t enough room for her with this massive elephant projector.”

£470 too expensive? Possibly. The £360 equivalent that I paid for it? For me, that’s big fun at a good price.

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I could see myself using one of those at nighttime when camping in the Isle of Man during the TT, that and a couple of speakers


The thread is about the Capsule II, not the original you used. The II is a lot higher cost, for some higher spec, so they have different value-for-money considerations.

The II is bigger, it is 8 x 8 x 15 cm ; 739 g. 73% larger than the original. In a case that’s more like
8.8 x 7.3 x 4 inch (quoting some example products)

2.5hr of operation, Realistically it is 1 or 2 films on battery, the 9700 battery therefore implies 3880mAh/h, so then you either recharge in car or carry a PD Powercore such as the 20000 PD. Some reviews are suggesting less than 2.5hr but I don’t own so can’t verify.


In UK, many apps are not working and some reviews say if they realised that they’d have saved £££ and used a dongle/cable with a dumber projector.



Note I am only criticising the price, not the product, so its a value for money issue. When you factor the software, Android TV seems to be a limiting factor, easily overcome with a dongle/cable, really a dumber projector would be a good fit.

The issue is also physics, everything which makes light has to make heat, and the smaller the package the less bright it has to be, so that means a darker place and/or nearer surface = smaller display.

That’s a puzzle with the camping context, as surely people around you would prefer peace of less light and less noise?

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When you are camping at the TT races people expect noise and beer and bikes at night🍺

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“Professor” - I’m going to back out now because clearly you have superior knowledge of what I should be spending my money on. If only I had taken the time to do some actual research into what was available on the market, then wait for it to be available at a price point I deemed to be acceptable! Lesson learned! :roll_eyes:
Just a couple of things:

  1. Fine. I’ll accept your cheap, mains-powered projector is ‘better’ than my Capsule II, if you accept my knee is better than your elbow.
  2. Thanks for confirming that the Capsule II is bigger than the Capsule I and, gasp, is even bigger if you put it in something. Excellent observation. Well made.
  3. The point of your subtle little link to the tax site was…?? As I’ve stated above, I bought my Capsule II on special offer for $399 and will be bringing it back to the UK in March, so, errr, thanks for confirming that I’m acting entirely legally.
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may give them another try.

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Nice discussion @Big_Adam @professor

I have Nebula Prizm and Capsule (both first gen originals), upgraded from Prizm to Capsule.

Loving Capsule’s performance, using it for weekend family movie time…

Plan to upgrade to Capsule II soon !!

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