Nebula Capsule II Battery Issue

So my Nebula Capsule II has some battery issues. I’ve had it for about a month now. When charged and showing “green” I will unplug it and plug it back in immediately, it shows “red” and takes a while to go green again. Once you power up while plugged in and green, it shows 99% . Never know if it ever fully charges. Could this be a software issue?

Secondly, battery seems to drain pretty quickly depending on what setting you choose. I found that if you go to “Standard” and “Cool” it will drain within a half hour when watching something. Anyone experience anything like this? Thx.

Unplugging and replugging a battery internal device, often gives that, it is trickle-charging that last 1% and knows its full as the cells cannot take any more charge, it cannot tell it is already full until it’s tried to push more charge in, so you see recharging briefly. It is very common, usually lasts a few seconds to a minute.

If it’s substantially longer than a minute, then may be a sign of an issue.

Half an hour sounds quite bad, I’d email support.

Thx, yes I did and they sent out s replacement.

That is why a lot of us trust Anker. There is always a small chance of a dud unit, and good to know a replacement is not that difficult to obtain.

Hope the replacement works for you.

Agreed! Great customer service and solid products.

So I got it yesterday and so far so good. I am having a different issue though. Can’t seem to get Nebula Manager to add icons on the home page. It says to check the internet connection which makes no sense to me. The apps install but no shortcuts. I’ve emailed the developer in hopes to a response. I will also reach out to support.