Nebula Capsule first time use, no apps working

Just using my new Nebula Capsule for the first time. Fully charged up, downloaded and connected using the nebula connect app on my iPhone. Connected to wifi All OK.

Then try to open the apps (Netflix, WhatsApp, etc) Get error “this doesn’t work with the remote control, connect using the app” BUT I AM USING THE APP, NOT THE REMOTE

Then try to go to upgrade, in vcase I am using old software, and I get “latest version check failed”


That warning pops up regardless, and you can still use the remote… I know I do instead of always unlocking my phone to use it.

As for the apps, try and make sure your firmware is up to date first and then try to install the apps

First, make sure Nebula Capsule is upgraded to the latest version, device connected to Internet (Internet is working fine)

Second, I do get the pop-up when I used the Hulu & Amazon Apps that Remote Control does not work and need to use the Nebula Connect.

On the Nebula Connect App, use the “Mouse Control” on the Left Bottom of the app (i am telling from the iOS App perspective), it should work smooth.

Make sure you are connected to internet, reboot the capsule, also mention what is the OS / Firmware version.

As @Tank said, the pop ups will come up regardless. If your Capsule tells you what version you are currently running, you can post on this thread and we can let you know if it’s the latest or not.