Mystery new model - Soundbuds Slim (not Slim+) with 10 hour life, Bluetooth 5 & IPV7

From Amazon UK I’ve just received via Prime the Slim with ‘upgraded spec’ now £16.99. The manual says they are model A3410 but does not specify IPV7 - this is in Amazon’s description. They came with a soft pouch, not a nice zip case.

Anker’s website denies this model exists. Are they genuine?

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Can you upload some pictures?

Yeah, screen dump please.

Does this help?

Yes they are genuine, Anker does not always update their website so you cannot go by that for current or new products

That 10 hr battery life is so cool. I have the older ones with 7 hrs advertised battery life. Would love to get more listening time in before I have to charge :joy:


Looks like they’ve upgraded them. No mistake

They came in this modest box

Looks like they are using the same box (apart from the slight difference in photo) as my older version. Enjoy your earbuds!

Check out the review pictures haha :tangerine::banana:

These look like the slims I got a few years ago. I also have the slims+. I’ll check and see if I still have the original box. I think I tossed out the box a few months ago.

Excellent, the Slim and the Slim+ have been one of my fave Anker products, to boost the battery life is nice.

We lose APTX we got with the Slim+ ?

Can’t say - APTX is not mentioned in the manual or by Amazon. For Anker experts here’s some images from the box and manual -

Only the slim+ had Aptx, these don’t look like they incorporated it. But I’d rather have a longer battery life

Since Anker is moving away from using Qualcomm chip (CSR chip) there will never be AptX again on any Anker product (unless they go back to CSR chip).
AptX is a property of Qualcomm.

Nice discovery!

Might the rise in battery life and a reduction in price come from the removal of the AptX component?

Lower power consumption is probably because of the BTv5.0. Thanks to that this updated version also supports multipoint pairing mode which I find is a nice addition.