My notes, observations and ideas

Hello to everyone, this is my very first post in here :slight_smile:

I recently bought and installed a 5-part security kit after a break-in attempt to the apartment right above me.

The quality is great, everything’s up and running, all good so far but there’s a catch.

For people like me, who live in a crowded building with many apartments, it’s not easy (or even allowed) to install a camera outside our main doors.

A door sensor or an indoor camera will trigger the (weak…) HomeBase alarm when it’s already too late. Precious time is lost when a security ecosystem is not able to detect a threat before the red zone is breached.

I made some notes after testing my Eufy products, their integration and automation. I’ve also tried to come up with ideas on how to enhance the security level of our homes.


Pressure Sensor: To be used as a door mat for human weight detection. Default settings should not trigger the alarm when a parcel, animal or small object is placed/standing on the mat. Pressure mat should trigger the alarm if displaced far away from the door.
Sensitivity level, alarm delay, mat distance from door, on/off features all adjustable via app.

Touch Sensor: For detecting contact with the door handle.

Vibration & Sound Sensor: Mountable on doors for detecting break-in attempts. If door is locked, it’s going to be violent… and such vibrations are unmistakable. Sensitivity level & alarm delay adjustable via app. The combination of these two sensors will eliminate wrong readings (e.g. an air breeze will slightly vibrate a closed door but won’t make any bumping noise)
(An indoor camera, motion sensor and door/window sensor will not be able to detect a break-in attempt. It is critical to have vibration sensors on the doors & windows too).

Door/Window & Frame Mesh: A thin layer of non-lethal very low-voltage mesh with tiny wires to be wrapped/sticked around the area where the door lock meets the door frame (or any other location). If a burglar sticks a screwdriver in there, the mesh will be damaged, interrupting the flow of electricity and trigger the alarm.

Stand-Alone Alarm Speakers: At least +120dB of sharp, high pitched noise. (Similar to the beep noise that cameras make when paired with the HomeBase). A combination of motion sensor & alarm speaker would also be great. Sensitivity level, alarm delay and speaker volume adjustable via app. An option to upload our own sounds would be welcomed. If not, provide us with various sounds to choose from.
Option to trigger all stand-alone speakers at once no matter what (including HomeBases).


HomeBase 2: Alarm is too weak. Please increase it if possible and/or provide more sounds to choose from

HomeBase 2: I’m unable to trigger the alarm manually via the app. There should be a digital panic button in the app, similar to the physical red button located on the top side of the Eufy keypad.

Door & Window Sensors: Should trigger a bit faster

2K Indoor Cameras: They have exceptional image quality (I own two) but unfortunately HomeBase integration is not supported.

Eufy Home: Not compatible with Eufy Security. WiFi lamps should be able to turn on if motion sensors are triggered.


Hi @RatherBeMe some really cool ideas for improvements. I especially like the idea of a pressure mat or switch.

A couple of the members here serve as mods in the eufy community. I know @Ice1 is one such person. Perhaps he maybe able to steer some of these to the eufy staff for review?

Other person that maybe be able to direct the ideas is @AnkerOfficial the big kuhuana here on this site and is always very helpful :wink::star_struck::star_struck:

Oh and a big welcome to the community too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thx man, It’s my pleasure to own Eufy products and be here :smiley:

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@RatherBeMe Great ideas and observations.
There was a discussion about stand alone alarm speaker, as the demand grows, eufy may consider to launch this in future.
Join below community for more eufy security specific discussions:

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