My new favorite Power Strip - Anker PowerPort Strip 3

This is a great powerstrip. It oozes quality from the moment you open the box. Very nice matte finish to the plastic, long sturdy power cable and blue LED lights. The USB hub is powerful enough to charge my tablet and phone at the same time and allowed me to eliminate to ugly wall warts attached to the power strip it replaced. Three power outlets is plenty for my need as I can plug in my lamp and still have two plugs available. With my previous strip, most of my plugs were taken up by the phone and tablet chargers, but that is no longer an issue.

Another thing I love is the fact that the blue LED lights are not too bright, sometimes blue LEDs are blinding, but these are small and subdued. Thanks Anker, I will be getting another one of these for my bedroom. It’s a perfect blend of powe rstrip and USB


  • Price is great
  • Quality Construction
  • 3 Space outlets with surge protection
  • High powered USB Hub


  • None for me

Good review :+1:

Nice review! Thanks for posting

Nice review!

Nice review, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing your review @dmccall4, nice job!

Thanks for sharing, I have been thinking about getting one but I will also like to get cube. Good review.

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I already own the Cube, does this do anything better?

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Nice review and photo! :clap:t2: