My Experience With Eufy Wired 2K Video Doorbell - Junk

Installed this per directions (replaced an Arlo doorbell so not new to this) and it does not work. I cannot change the settings in the doorbell, I continue to get some P2P error, I get notifications but nothing records nor shows in the “event” within the app. I have been back and forth with Eufy support for weeks now and still have basically a paper weight. I have three other 2K wired cameras from Eufy and 3 Wireless Pro 2 Eufy cameras running from the same 2.4g wireless signal. I have a strong signal where the doorbell is (like 30 feet from the router)…I have 350mHz upload speed and 300 download speed (so not a speed issue). and all other Eufy products work fine…except this one. They have sent me another doorbell with the same problems. To date Eufy support has been worthless, this doorbell does not do anything beside ring…I can’t imaging I am the only one with these problems. Eufy…what next?