My eufy E30 Edge

I bought my eufy since I needed a robot that will be thinner than my Neato. The Neto was getting constantly stuck under my living room’s sofa what made me curse him on a regular basis.

But ! What I have found is that my eufy is not only significantly thinner and reaches all the places of my house but it is also better in soooo many other aspects.

First it is quieter. No no … you should understand: really quiet … amazingly quiet… simply a pure indulgence after the tractor noise of the Neato. You can actually watch TV while it is doing its stuff.

Second: the cleaning algorithm is just better. My eufy coverage is just better and more efficient.

Third: the Neto system when it is lifting itself in order to turn around brought it many times to stuck in narrow places. The eufy just turns around.

Fourth: it’s back to home button is great. You just place it near by the charging unit (if you picked it for a spot cleaning) and it’s find it’s way.

The I phone interface is also great and did I say that it is so quiet ?? :joy:

Yes … I admit… I’m in love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Funny indeed, “E30” , first I thought there is a new unkown model on the market.
You mean “G30”, claro.

Great you like it.
I gave my 11S a nick name -> Old Willy"
(Now about 3 years old and working perfectly like a young, after my daughter and I swapped the left brush motor)
Funny tinkering we both had.
And when I pushed the button after surgery, what a joy :
“Er läuft” (it works) :rofl:

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