My Bluetooth Headphones, Soundcore Sport Air Wireless Workout Earphones by Anker!

This is my review on my new Bluetooth Headphones, Soundcore Sport Air Wireless Workout Earphones by Anker. Anker was kind enough to choose me as a tester and not only sent the earphones to me but also extended their support whenever I needed. These are my unbiased thoughts for the community to help deciding why should they buy these ones (available on amazon & walmart).

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UNBOXING Xcit’ment:-
I was pleased to see that packaging was of supreme quality although these were part of the beta testing at that time. But now they are marketed successfully and I congratulate the anker community on another successful launch of anker soundcore product.


  • The box was sturdy and well packed with all accessories needed.

  • A micro usb charging cable was included.

  • And the thing I liked was mesh storage and carrying case that helps travelling or dragging this beauty around all the day with you. A wire clip included is helpful too.

  • Loaded-instructions user manual is also of great help. I always use the packaging box to know almost everything I need for any of the products I use. And very less often refer back to the instructions manual. So, I was keen to see if they provided on the box, everything I needed. Ans yes, there is a detailed picturesque description on the box.

  • Earphones themselves are ergonomic and beautifully designed to fit comfortably in ears. They have a shape not to push on your pinna. Provided ear tips of different sizes are useful to fit according to your pinna size. Anker knows their customers have ears of all sizes although they all are music lovers… :sunglasses:

  • The R & L earbuds clip on each other through a strong magnetic force and and you are rest assured of not losing them when not in use, & are around your neck.

  • IPX7 Waterproof, SweatGuard Technology is something I was happy about as this is splash and rain proof. Fall in shallow water didn’t cause any issue to them though. But I have not tested them yet while diving deep in water/swimming.

  • Controller is all on the R earbud and there is no need to search the controller on the wires.

  • Calling is so fun as there is a clear sound quality of the built-in mic for calls. Crisp sound is of the same quality as if you are talking without using an earbud (that’s what the callers say on the other end).

  • Being a gym-bud they should have to be enough noise and sound proof. I have found them great at soundproofing. Important is you use proper ear accessories provided in the box according to the size of your ear canal and pinna… More snuggly they fit, better the results would be.

  • They came-in charged so I didn’t have to wait for hours to kick in. With bluetooth 5.0 technology, connecting to my iPhone 8+ was a breeze. And next time you turn them on, they rejoin by themselves… Spend almost 9 hours of playtime and then I had to recharge them. It took little less than 2 hours to get a full charge. With a full charge the Li-ion battery spends almost 10hrs of playtime. I literally have to recharge them after a week or so and use them on gym time only (commute to gym included)…

  • Pounding bass gives a loud and clear notes of your gym-music so that you can feel an uplift to get back in shape…

  • Todays Pricing is $35.99 on amazon ; $29.88 on walmart.

  • Showering after gym workout for the first time with music playing in the earphones, was a little hesitation for me. But based on the sweat and splash proof function they already had passed, I jumped them in to the testing phase. Under the shower splashes (not dumping the whole bucket as in ALS-Ice-Bucket-Challenge.


  • I wish they should have transitioned to the USB-C this time.

  • I wish they could join to 2 devices simultaneously.

  • The push button is right in the middle of the earbud and is really soft to touch. It is annoyance because it is easily pressed sometimes while pushing your earphone slightly in your ear.


Please Click & Read the Full Article at my Tech-Review Blog:

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Nice review with lot of details :information_source: and photos :framed_picture:!

Thanks for sharing :+1:


This is one brilliant and in depth review. I really liked how you laid out everything neatly in the first photo!


Your eyes see exactly what kind of personality you are inside…
Thanks for the compliments though… :+1:


You wrote a good and informative review and took brilliant photos.
Thank you for sharing.


Very nice review :slight_smile:great pictures

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Well done with the review and pictures. I like that also included suggestions for improving on the product. :slight_smile:

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Excellent in-depth review and photos @DrMajidHanif superb job :ok_hand:

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Great review and photos!

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@TechnicallyWell This is your greatness, being a tech-pro you admired my review…

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thanks for the compliments. Your words mean a lot to me…

Your thoughts encouraged me a lot…

thanks for the compliments … It means a lot to me…

Thanks a bunch… It was awesome to see your comments…

Great review :+1: ugly and did I say U-G-L-Y headphones. Great concept for idea I love the on headphones control buttons and larger drivers (looks like dual drivers) but horrible executions. Damn those are ugly :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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Great review and thanks for posting. Glad there are others who tested these and love them as much as i do. I use mine everyday at work and when im at the gym

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I had much the same thought about the primary control button and pressing into the ear. I’ve found that it actually doesn’t need much of a press. It just has a slight activation delay that makes you think you haven’t pressed hard enough. Still, I would love to see the primary button be on the side opposite the volume controls and have the backs be where the buds magnetize together.

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Over the time I have learnt how to press not the shiny middle portion (containing the button). To push into your ear pressing on the circumference anywhere works good. And, when we need to press the primary control button, I usually hold the unit from side (to give a little bit of support) before pushing gently on the button. And you can appreciate well when the button is actually pushed; so, no need to push beyond that point.
Overall, it is one of headphones that I use on daily basis. I don’t need extra extra expensive and " Musical’ly " headphones. Because, listening at high tone on daily basis can be unhealthy for you :skull_and_crossbones: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

This is very useful hint for all young ones here.
Thank you, you mentioned it.


Should I buy these or the soundcore spirit x?