My Anker not charging

I have used only used and recommend your Anker speaker S/N: (Mod Edit: serial number removed) ( please don’t ask for any details, I am elderly and very short sighted) and when in America this summer bought and gifted more, a perfect gift for graduate students . I am back in the UK and suddenly my Anker would not recharge. I asked google what may be the reason and saw your help page where similar problems have occurred, and see that all ur responses were to do with the cables used or the port. One of which was to clean the port or wiggle the bit inside carefully, which I did ( clumsily) and broke it. The is no question at all that my next port of call is to go an buy a new one. However, might I simply suggest to your team of inventors. That they might think of including a real plug in type hole similar to the earplug one, as well as the usb one, as I find those types are always reliable and definitely more suitable for us old, blind and clumsy types who have much better things to spend the remainder of our lives on than fiddling around with little holes and shopping on line.
I only mention this is such detail because I have so enjoyed your product and besides this, would never consider changing . Thank you for your time and attention
Stephen gray

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That’s why all here demand on USB-C plugs.
No more fumbling : Doesn’t matter “upwards or downwards” you plug in.

I am old too Stephen, and I take twice a look before I try to plug in the charger cable.
Trick : A little bit of tape to mark the upper side on the socket and the plug helps a lot!

Sorry to hear that the port broke, @Stephen_lee_Smith! Feel free to send a message to and, while accidental damage is typically not covered by the warranty, it doesn’t hurt to ask if anything can be done to fix your speaker.

I got a similar problem on my powerbank