Motion+ EQ for 50's 60's jazz

Hi, maybe someone have suggestions or preset for neutral sound for 50’s and 60’s jazz (only acoustic instruments with lots of horns).

Tried Alan Ross 37.38 firmware EQ and found it a little bit bassy, maybe more suited for party music.

Thank you all.

Difficult to say.

The human ears and their hearing abilities are different.
Also different types of music, different recording qualities.

And do not forget the location of the speaker.
I located mine in front of me ca 1,5m distance so they build a isosceles triangle with my head. (2 Flares, TWS)
Of course the speakers are located at the same level my ears are.
These are important preconditions.

And after this is done :
play around with the eq a lot.

There are a few Jazz lovers here around.
Not me, I am more in classical music.
But we both are a minority of course! :smile:

Thank you, and what eq do you use ?

Classical and jazz share a lot soundwise.

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I don’t use that soundcore app.
I use VLC with my LINUX laptop.
There are preinstalled eq, but they dont fit for my ears.
When traveling I got an old Samsung with a mp3-player.
There I stored some eq settings.

Adjust them to your liking

Try the EQs here that will probably match your taste, maybe rock EQ will work for you.

Rock, Pop, Flat, Harman Target Curve, Harman Signature, JBL Signature etc.