Motion Detection and Camera Recognising Errors

I recently upgraded to the new Home Base unit, as O added some EufyCamC devices to go with my original Eufy cameras. Everything was working fine up until a couple of days ago.

The original EufyCams now do not function correctly. One of them disables its own motion detection as soon as I switch it on and come back to the app - it is then toggled off.

My other EufyCam is not even being recognised by the software, despite being the in app. No one has physically interfered with the devices and I simply do not understand what has gone wrong.

I have reset the cameras and re-added them and motion detection will work but only if I keep the app open and at the front on my phone.

I’ve reset the HomeBase and done all other recommended procedures to get them working, all to no avail.

To say this is frustrating would be the understatement of the year. I have a security system that doesn’t record or work.

Has anyone else had this issue and is there/or have you found a fix.