Motion alerts on Chime

I had a Ring doorbell pro. At first that thing was junk but they gradually improved it and it was usable. One advantage the Ring had was that when you had a Ring chime installed it would sound when motion was detected. You could have a different noise for motion and doorbell button presses. You could also push motion notifications to and echo device so they could announce motion in addition/lieu of a Ring chime. This is more than useful, it’s necessary. Think about it: How easy is it to forget your phone is muted? Or you leave your phone in another room? During these times a delivery person could come or anyone else that doesnt physically push the button on the doorbell. And you would be none the wiser until you picked up your phone or decided to go outside. I’m sure this scenario has happened to many people besides myself. To my knowledge the Eufy doorbell doesnt do either.

Please add this feature.

Hi @Allen11, thank you for your suggestion! I will forward your advice to our corresponding technical team. We are very appreciative of your understanding :smiley:.

Yes. This. What are you guys thinking? Amazon, UPS, USPS don’t usually ring the doorbell. We want a chime when they drop off a package.

this is the major problem i have with eufy cam. for example if my arlo cameras detect motion my echo shows alert me that a camera has detected motion and even tells me which camera. i don’t sleep with my phone and it does me little to no good to find out the next morning that someone has stolen something. your video doorbell has motion alerts why don’t your cameras also have this option?

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Excellent idea

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Pretty good Idea

This is a great idea. Especially if you could set it to chime the Homebase as well.