Misrepresentation of Product and warranty

purchased a surge-protector Manufactured by Anker from Amazon back in July 2020. On August 22, we experience power surges in our neighborhood and the devices connected to the power surges blew up (computer and printer) I contacted anchor support regarding this issue. I sent all the original receipts for all the items that were damaged,
Now, a month later I received an email from Anker willing to send me a $300 Gift card for the items that were damaged by their faulty power surge protector. (See Email below)

Thanks for your clarification. Well noted that this is only for inspection, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Since we haven’t tested the defective power strip yet, we are not sure whether the problem is on our product. Considering your computer has been used for one year and the depreciation of your laptop and printer, to better improve your Anker experience, we’d like to initiate a $300 refund via gift card as a solution to cover the total loss. May I know if this is acceptable to you? Please provide us the email address for the gift card so that we can move to the next step.

The problem the items damaged cost over $1000.00 Ancker has all receipts in question. On the Amazon website, it clearly states that the items connected are covered for the first 18 months with WORRY FREE guaranteed. ( See Below)

· What You Get: PowerPort Strip PD 3 USB-C power strip with 6 ft cable, welcome guide, worry-free 18-month warranty, lifetime* $50,000 connected equipment warranty, and friendly customer service.


I feel this company has misrepresented their product and warranty. I have sent them all documents they requested but still, they seem to take no responsibility for the faculty surge protector.

I think that seems reasonable. Won’t that hold you over until they are able to inspect the power strip? May take a couple of weeks for shipping and thorough inspection…

EDIT: just saw that you said a month later. When did they receive the power strip? The process definitely should not take a whole month.

Hi @Joey.m.kray

Thanks for bringing this case to our attention.
We have contacted the related department and management team right after we noticed this thread. Sorry to let you know that this case is still under investigation, and please allow us some time to inspect the product. Please be assured that we will fully take care of this case and will keep you updated once we get the final solution based on the investigation result.

We attach the utmost importance to your case and will do our best to make things right for you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.
The Anker Community Team


The Item was shipped on Aug 31st priority mail one day with there own shipping label.

Hi @AnkerOfficial, if the customer accepted the 300$, would Anker still investigate the issue and compensate accordingly?

I assume they would have to. They made a commitment when they said 18-month warranty plus up to $50,000 of equipment warranty. $300 is really not enough for the products that got damaged.

@Joey.m.kray please keep us updated

Let’s hope Anker take care of the problem

I wanted to follow up with all in the forum regarding Anker’s warranty. After numerous emails between myself and Anker corporate in China, Anker did step up and reimburse me for the items that were damaged. Once we agreed to monetary value of items damaged, the transaction of monies went smoothly.


Glad to hear everything turned out ok in the end. Thanks for keeping us updated

Its fine. :laughing:
You will get those generosity not often by other companies.
Lawyer and court is the normal way for others.

Nice to hear. Glad you got reimbursed

Great update @Joey.m.kray
Thanks for letting us know how things went :+1:t2: