Mini Review: Roav Jump Starter 400A Peak 12V 9000mA

At the end of last year @AnkerOfficial sent out gifts for some of their members and I happened to get one of those surprise items. It turns out it was Roav Jump Starter. I had originally planned to purchase the pro version since I was planning to buy an old farm truck to work the property and I figured that starter would be a great option and still do.

However, Anker sent me the 400A Peak unit and I was instantly impressed with quality of the unit. I needed a smaller Jump box in my older Scion xB since the battery was close to end of its life cycle (planning to trade the car before needing to replace the battery). Since my wife has a brand new battery and newer more reliable car I took my older less powerful jump box out of my car and put it into hers (with plans to purchase a Roav Jumper for her car around Christmas time)

I’ve been wanting to test this jumper and review it for months but I’ve never had the chance to test it (that’s a good thing) So I did the basics, I tested features and battery storage life and I will go into that when I finish writing the full review.

But last May this united saved me from getting into a serious accident on the highway during rush hour in Dallas, Texas on highway where the speed limit is 70 mph and the average driver does 85 to 90. I was doing about 80 in the far left lane when my timing chain failed (timing chain failure cause all sorts of bad things to happen). Within a matter of seconds the top half of the motor had self destructed destroying the top half of the motor. The motor was still operating but not well, It took just over a minute to get across three lanes of traffic and pull off the road.

During that time the car’s battery drained quickly and then running the A/C (90 degrees and sunny) on nothing but battery for another 5 minutes as I called a tow truck killed the battery. I got out of the car and realized I was way to close and drivers weren’t moving to the next lane or even slowing down as required by the state law. I decided to move the car up the hill and where the dirt next to the road shoulder could support part of the car’s weight. I end up using the Roav Jump Starter to get the car started and it charged enough that I could move the car about 500 feet.

About 20 minutes later I was sitting about 1000 feet off the road (away from the traffic) when I saw a car loose control and go off the shoulder and then merge back into traffic as if nothing happened right where my car was parked. If I hadn’t had the Jumper or if it was less powerful someone would have seriously been hurt.

Sadly my car motor is toast and costs to much for repairs. My friend who works for Toyota has connections and is purchasing the car for scrap or if he can find cheap parts he will drop a new motor in it.

Thanks for making a great product @AnkerOfficial !


Nice story.
Thank you .

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Excellent! Glad you love this product!

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wow! that’s a close call.
great testimony

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Glad you’re OK and that the Roav Jump Starter was able to help!

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Wow, great story. I’m glad that you are ok and that the Roav Jump Starter saved the day and an accident from happening.