Make Your Christmas a Nebula Christmas


You left the cookies out for the reindeer and glass of brandy for Santa. The kids are in bed as you quietly place presents around the Christmas tree. While your partner goes off to grabs a few more gifts from upstairs, you take out a large package and place it right under the red tinsel. Under the wrapping paper lies a brand-new Cosmos Max.

The next days, the kids and kids-at-heart wake up early, thundering down the stairs. Rushing to the tree, they start to unwrap their gifts. Your partner’s eyes fix upon the large gift, just under the tinsel. Ripping the wrapping paper off, their eyes brighten as they gaze upon their brand-new Nebula Cosmos Max, the all-in-one 4K projector. You nailed it! They love it. Good thing you snapped up that Cosmos Max during the Nebula Christmas Sale for 17% off.

Before breakfast is ready, they’ve already set up Cosmos Max and plugged it into their PS5. Shouts echo throughout the house as they fight other festive gamers on Call of Duty: Cold War. Meanwhile, the kids are watching cartoons on their new Nebula Apollo projector, their new books and clothes already discarded and forgotten at the bottom of the stairs.

Come lunchtime, the family have arrived. The turkey and roast potatoes are almost ready, and Jingle Bell Rock is playing over the airwaves thanks to Cosmos’s built-in speakers. Auntie June calls out to say that dinner’s ready. Everyone tucks it. Food hits the food. Crackers pop. The music switches to All I Want For Christmas Is You.

With dinner over, the family rushes off. No one wants to clean the empty plates, leaving dad to clean up the mess. The family gather around Cosmos Max and relax under the fairylights watching films on NBC. Once dad finishes cleaning up, he switches over to the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings game. Bored, the kids take their Nebula Apollo and retreat up stairs to watch cartoons.

Finally, the family leave, and your home is yours once again. As the bleary-eyed kids retreat up stairs, you and your partner settle down on the coach to catch the late-night Xmas action with Cosmos, a bottle of wine, and a box of chocolates.

Enjoy your very Nebula Christmas, and share the joy that movies, music, and games bring to our lives. And if you’re still seeking a few blockbuster Christmas gifts, make sure to check out our Christmas Sale right here.






@AnkerOfficial The link takes you to the Nebula solar and not the Nebula Cosmos Max. :wink:


Hey @professor

Have you had anybody get mad at you today for any of your comments on prices today? :rofl:

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I don’t know what you’re talking about



Thank you, @professor and @Duane_Lester! I’ve corrected the links to the Cosmos Max 4K and Nebula Sale page. (@AnkerOfficial)


I’ll be watching a couple of Christmas movies using my Nebula Astro


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What’s he holding?

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Call me crazy, but I’m still holding out for a 1080p projector that will output 500+ ANSI lumens for $200. Probably not this Christmas or even next Christmas, but maybe Christmas 2022.

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I think similarly, not critical of Anker, just for me the gap between what’s worth having and current technology is still wide.

You can squint at Moore’s Law and make a guess. I get to 2 years also.



Wow 4K Projector! …
Proceeds to look at the price


I jave arranged some kids movies from international kids film festival going to watch them with children.


Nice story there lol. Not too sure what my plans will be since Christmas is still quite some time away. Better to look at coming couple days and focus on finals :joy:

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Lol love your photoshop skills

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Wow these projectors do cost a lot!


As far as I can tell only two item actually on sale? 15% and 17%

I agree looks expensive but for me I’m not so much looking at price but is the product worth owning? You get a big bright flat screen for not much $ , projectors have less contrast and dimmer and must make a noise or be even dimmer.

It’s an area where technology needs a few more years.

As I never looked at one with my own eyes, bought the 200 ANSI Capsule Max, was well built but simply too dim and not enough contrast so returned. I’d need that size but much better picture. Then we can talk about price.


The smaller and stronger (LUMEN) these projectors are, the more probs they got from the fan…
I remember we had often malfunctions after the mesh of the fans got dirty.
Dont know if the fans (mesh) of that NEBULA can be cleaned easily.
This is a must for all projectors,

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I know and ultimately blame quantum mechanics.

The universe is at the small scale random, so random is the most common and everything becomes uniform - increasing entropy.

To counter this you must consume energy to force a pattern. The sun consumes the binding force of the strong nuclear force to create the pattern called life. And Nebula projectors consume the electromagnetic force, some of which is emitted as photons, the rest is heat. So bright or hot or noisy or dim.

So blame Schroedinger.