Make GaN High power multi-port charger with PPS support

PowerPort Atom PD 4 is great, but still not perfect. It does not support PPS (Programmable Power Supply), so it cannot make fast charge to latest cellphones, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 plus and Sony Xperia 1.
If Anker could make a new generate for Atom PD 4 with PPS support and GaN power conversion chip, it will be great to have a product which can charge all modern devices at highest possible rate. For example, a laptop may need 65W, and a USB PD PPS required cell phone may also need 27W~30W to charge. If the user need to charge both of the device, 100W output in total is necessary.
The reference design from USD PD controller manufacturer is available now. I wish Anker to engineer the flagship product as soon as possible.

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