Low audio on Eufy doorbell

When using my iPhone to speak to someone over my Eufy doorbell video camera, I can hear the person at the door just fine but they can barely hear me over the doorbell speaker. I have all volume sliders up full in the Preferences. Any ideas?

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Hi @Nottingham_Home

To pinpoint the issue, please provide us with the following:

  • Confirm if recorded video or liveview has sound

  • Power the Doorbell off then back on.

  • Disable Bluetooth and make sure the media and call volume on your phone are set to maximum volume

  • Live stream the video and start recording manually, then tap the head of the doorbell to see if you can hear the sound in the video.

Please feel free to reach out support@eufylife.com for further assistance! Looking forward to your reply!

Thank you an have a good one!