Looking for charging case for Liberty 2 Pro

Dear community,
I have lost the charging case to my Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro.
I got in touch with support and after they got my hopes up, that they could get one from a return shipment I provided all my details including serial number, proof of purchase, etc.
Afterwards they told me, that they could not do such a thing and offered me a discount on a new set. They were willing to go as low as €80, however I am not interested in that. It’s a question of a) sustainability, since I have two perfectly good earbuds that just cannot be charged without the case and b) €80 is still a hefty sum, if I just need the charging case.
I have scoured Amazon, eBay, etc. for somebody offering just the case or maybe a defective set of buds so I could snag just the charging case, but to no avail. You are kind of my last hope, before I ditch these remarkable buds and Soundcore altogether, because I cannot understand that it is not possible to get a single piece of this 3-piece set from the manufacturer directly.

Does anybody have a defective unit lying around or maybe lost their buds and is willing to part with their case for a reasonable price (preferably in Europe, specifically in Germany)?


Maybe give eBay try. Someone could of lost the buds but trying to sell the case.

Thanks for the tip, But as I wrote in my initial post, I already tried that.

Definitely a unfortunate situation, best of luck

I would sell mine since I have 2 pairs, but my wife might kill me since she painted them both


OMG, those are beautiful. I can understand, that you are not willing to part with them.
Tell your wife, she could sell them on etsy for more than the MSRP.

I’m just flabbergasted, that Soundcore does not have the possibility to take apart a set and sell me a piece for a reasonable price. It’s not like I wanted an audio driver. Things have changed since the 80s.

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They make more money selling you a whole new set.

The raw cost of the components are a fraction of the selling price, they make them as complete sets in a factory (Soundcore = China) they make in batches then stop making and move onto the next product. So it’s less cost for them to sell you a discounted new set.

One approach here is to know that the 3 separate physical units can get lost so buy two pairs knowing on advance you will lose, another approach is to stop buying wireless buds as wired have each end connected by wire and magnetic connect round your next and far harder to lose.

Yeah, thanks, I’m aware.
Still, 80 quid for a charging case is ludicrous. Now if they’d be willing to go down to 30… They’d make a loss on me, but would have kept me in their ecosystem for the years coming.

So neckbuds it is. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z often drop down to 17 here and the call quality can even compete with the Airpods Pro. I had them here as my backup set. Unfortunately I gifted them away a week before I lost the case.

They look awesome :+1:

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