Login Issues - Certificate Expired

I had this error as, couldn’t access the forum at all. Finally looks like it’s resolved today.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your kind reminder, we are sorry for the inconvenience for the particular period.

The problem arises because our website’s security certificate is automatically updated. We already contacted the IT team to solve the issue. If you still have problem to visit the forum, please let me know.

Thanks again.:innocent:


If they are still having trouble, they won’t see this message.

They see the very last page they were on before the problem started.

Plus, I thought after last time, it was agreed to put messages on twitter n Facebook.

I posted on FB but got.no reply
I tried using.messenger, but unless I wanted to buy, it was useless… Again a missed opportunity to leave a message.

Auto email reply, again… Missed opportunity

I can tell by your use, grammar and spelling, that whoever is using the @AnkerOfficial account is American , so someone must have been available to correct or at least 10 mins to leave a couple messages.

I have already published it:
If you need an “old Admin” who was about 40 years working with computers
(When I wrote my first ALGOL 60 and FORTRAN programs I had to use punch cards (IBM card reader))
I’m ready!
I have some leisure time!:relaxed:


Not exactly related, but I also noticed that their parent company, Oceanwing, also has a down website.


You can always change the date on your phone to before the date the certificate expired😉

Nope, couldn’t do that. I’m running a research VPN that pays me so if I changed it I would lose out on money coming my way

Too bad the NSA doesn’t pay us to “research” our web activity.

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UPDATE: I’m not having issues anymore!

What about logging in? lol

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Anyone having log on issues?

I get to view one or two pages then I get “access denied”

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Plus I keep having to log in over and over again :grimacing::thinking:

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Same here. One step forward two steps back.


yup, anytime I go to a page outside of the general forum I have to log in again. I initially thought this was a chrome issue but its doing it on Safari, Microsoft, dolphin browser, and a few other browsers so its not just that its the site itself

Glad to know others are having issues aswell…been checking in off my iPad for the past week while on my jolly’s…thought it was an iOS issue causing problems…guess not :cold_sweat:

I’m having g to login every time I come to community.

I dont get any error messages or anything, just says… Login

I was wondering if just me, as I use a smartphone everytime.

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YES for DAYS now
its a PITA. Multiple windows, logins etc
They need a static navigation bar at the top and everything opens in the same window.

@k_pug2003 @Jesse_Hernandez1 @elmo41683 @ndalby @amangons @bill_rae Are you guys still having the issue right now?