Life P2 headphones - replacement charging case?

Hi, I lost my charging case for my headphones, just wondering if it’s possible to buy a replacement?

I checked on amazon and there’s nothing listed right now.

No there isn’t a replacement charging case, because they are sold as a unit.

Though you might get lucky and find one on eBay that someone lost there earbuds.

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Yes, these wireless buds make an obvious 2nd hand market for the parts people not yet lost.

That’s if people actually sell them, but the market could easily be there.

I don’t buy socks often but when I do I buy 3 identical pairs. So as socks get lost or worn, I keep sustained the maximum quantity of working pairs.

I avoided wireless buds til their cost fell to similar to wired but, like socks, I bought two pairs.

There’s someone out there lost their buds and have a working case. Ebay is your friend.

The lack of bud L / R case interoperability, while profitable for the designer, is not good for landfill.

I own the Life P2, two pairs, for £33 each. I fully expect a left bud, or a right bud, will get lost but so long as I own a bud, they can be charged.


anyone know what i can do if i lost the right earbud?