Life Dot 2 earphones

I am extremely unhappy at my recent experience with my earphones. I bought a pair of Life Dot 2 earphones via Amazon on 25 August, which is less than two months ago. I really like them, however, the left earbud no longer works properly. Although you can still hear through it, it is very quiet, I would say about 10% of what it should be. I have tried all the reset options etc. and it still does not work. I would like a new left earbud. I have complained to Amazon, who at the second time of asking referred me to yourselves, so I have now spoken to an Anker representative. The representative said she would email me so that I could send you a photo of the inside of the case so that you can see the serial number, which is written in letters so small that the Hubble telescope is required in order to see what it actually says. She said she would email me within half an hour, well guess what, no email.

In summary, you have sold me a faulty product. I don’t want my money back, I just want a functioning left earbud. Please sort this out as I am losing my patience.

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You could post you problems here :

1 Like can take care of you as we are just like you just members of the forum and not customer support…

They will ask if you have done specific things as reset the earbuds, lost connection to all devices and then reconnect and maybe another thing to try.

You will eventually will need to send them a copy of your order to show that you did buy them from AnkerDirect on Amazon.

You appear to be typing in a style you are talking directly with Anker or Soundcore.

You aren’t. This is a community of users similar to yourself who cannot do anything to address this issue. You must keep it to email.

Personally I blame the Soundcore app which links to community so it’s the go-to place and yet it’s not the support area.

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Also try cleaning your earbuds, wearing earbuds causes heat to build up in your ear thus liquifying earwax and it works its way into the earbuds when you wear them this blocking the sound so you have lower volume. So get some hydrogen peroxide and clean them already

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I agree. It is the main reason I suggest headphones over earbuds. My oldest has had previous ear issues and his ears will tend to have a runny ear.

I will say that he has done pretty good cleaning the p2 that I gave to him to use when he was at school for lunch and breaks. ( also a lack of a runny ear)

Once good then quiet does prompt a cleaning response, but blocked and cleaning tends to impact one bud, but this is both buds so sounds more likely a software setting.

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Thanks for sharing. It was very useful to me.