Liberty Neo - left earphone won't work

I just got some Soundcore Liberty Neo Earphones and they were working great but now the left one won’t work. I’ve tried resetting but nothing works.

Any ideas??

Have you charged the case and earbuds up fully? If it’s not charging, make sure you removed the plastic covering the charging port on the earbuds

I had done but I’ve actually just put them back on charge. Usually how long does a full charge take?

Depends on charging plug used, but generally an hour and a half to two hours.
Make sure both earbuds light up when placed inside the case and its charging

Cool, will give it a go :+1:

Unfortunately the left one still isn’t working

These worked fine this morning, but now I have the same issue. The reset instructions don’t work. when I double click the left earbud it does not go into slow flashing. Tried multiple times, left them in the case for a while, and tried again. always the same issue. They appear to pair, but only the right one works. Also, I see the left earbud separately when I try to pair them.

This was emailed to me by Anker Support & worked for me when I had the same issue. The instructions may be different than what was included with your unit.

Normally the left earbud connects to the right earbud automatically when you take both of them out of the charging case. Please take the earbuds out of the charging case, then hold the button on the right earbud only for 5s to see if the left earbud has a red indicator to be turned off. If there is no light, it means the left earbud did not pair with the right earbud. You can try to recover their pairing relationship in the following way:

  • Delete the “Soundcore Liberty Neo” in the Bluetooth list of the device you’re connecting to.
  • Take the earbuds out, hold the button on each earbud for 5s until the red light shows to turn them off.
  • Hold the button on each earbud again for 8s until the indicator becomes pink and then turns off. Put the earbuds back in to the charging case with a steady white light on the earbuds.
  • Take both earbuds out of the charging case and place them near each other. The indicator on the left earbud will flash slowly (breathing-like), while the LED on the right side flashes quickly.
  • Go to the Bluetooth pairing list on your device and select “Soundcore Liberty Neo” to pair.

Finally! I couldn’t get them to pair with each other following the reset instructions posted on Anker’s support but this instructions worked. Thanks for posting this.

More than happy to help…glad it worked out for you!

@ SZak2015 Finally THE only Solution that worked for me! Thanks for passing along the support mail!
Kudos to you big time! :smiley:

@SZak2015 @schwarck Unfortunately, this reset process does not work for me… When I hold the buttons on for the second time, neither of the indicators becomes pink and both keep flashing quickly. The only way to see the pink lights, I need to release and hold the buttons again for 5 sec. However, at this point, I must be just turning the earbuds off. Any ideas?

Thank you! Really needs to be posted higher!