Liberty Neo earbuds

Hi, can anyone tell me why the 3 white lights do not go off when my case is charging? Also, ive selected the larger rubber tips , now the case doesnt close fully with the earbuds in, if I take the tips off the case closes, surely that’s not right?

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You can ask the question at

More ear bud users there.

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Can you not push the rubber tips down into the case to make it close?

Hi, yes ive tried that, ive now changed the rubber tips to some I had before, not the ones that come with the earbuds, it now closes! Hurray! Charging lights still dont go off, as it mentions in the manual, just hoping it means its fully charged.

It’s gotta be annoying not know how charged the case or earbuds are, bummer

Yes it is! Think the manual ( which I had to download as no instructions were in the box) is a little misleading… I did get a reply from anker today saying it meant the earbuds lights go out, not the ones on the case which confised me more! Anyway, I haven’t fully tried them out yet, so will hope they are/ keep charged.

I hope you like them :+1: