Liberty Air Microphone not working on my Laptop

Today, I have purchased Liberty Air. Initially, when I connected my earbud to my laptop, left one was not working then I performed reset and it started working. Now, I am facing a problem with microphone. On cell phone microphone is working but on my Laptop, microphones are not working at all. I am not sure why it is happening. I have HP latptop 8th generation.(HP CC120 TX model). Liberty is getting connected I can hear the sound, but microphone is not working. I have done resetting steps many times. Any help?

What OS are you running on your HP?

@Abdul_Waheed1 Assuming your laptop is running Windows 10, click the audio icon in the bottom right of your screen, expand the device list using the ^ symbol and try changing the device to Headset.

Alternatively you can type Sound into your start menu, open the sound settings panel and configure from within there.

OS is WIN 10

So you should try the tip of @ndalby

Yes,you are right I am running Windows 10. I already done the mentioned steps. Furthermore, I would like to share one thing over here, this may help in diagnose. When I only use one earbud, that is Right one(which is also called main), then it gets connected with my PC but, when I try to use both ear buds it does not even detect microphone.
Headset is selected, I am sure about this because I can listen Audio from both ear piece. The problem is with mic when I use both ear piece. If I use Right one and connected then both microphone and speaker works. I have unistalled blutooth drivers and updated from official website of HP as well from HP assistant application. Nothing changed. This may help in further diagnose.