Liberty air earphones and wifi

I bought the Soundcore Liberty air last week and iv been noticing that when they are connected to a device and playing something they continuously disrupt the wifi network,(y i know that both wifi and bluetooth work on the same range 2.4ghz and that there are some interferences) but not to this point, my internet connection wich is usually 10-15 Download speed with 20ping gets around to 0.7-1.5 with 200-400 ping when it works at all, iv tried other bluetoth devices including another bluetooth earphones and they work fine (the change is around to 6-9mb with 20-30ping )
The problems seems to precists in more that one wifi network and in both my pc and my phone

I have tried changing channels on my router but it didnt work (havent tried using a 5ghz network since none of my routers suport it)

Is this a known issue?

Are my earphones defective?

I have never had an issue where my Liberty Air disrupted my wifi signal and i did use to use them all the time, only reason i dont bow is because I gave them to my son.

Curious as to why yours is causing issues, can I ask where you purchased them from?

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Not heard of this, but try this…

i purchased them from .

iv tried that but nothing seems to fix it except for getting righ next to the router or obviusly using cable over wifi

I would reach out to or even contact the place you got them from for a refund or exchange. This should not be happening and it could be due to a faulty product. Sadly manufacturing defects do happen and yours could be one of them

yap will do that thanks