Liberty Air earbuds keeps slipping out

Has anyone has issues with theLiberty Air Bluetooth Earbuds slipping out of their ears? I’ve tried every size that come switch my earbuds but if I move my mouth or anything at all within seconds they start to slip right now regardless of the size I chose. I’m hoping if anyone else has had this problem, maybe you can share how you fixed this issue with the rest of us! Thanks so much![


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When you put them in you ear give them a little twist to where the down stem points kinda towards your mouth. This is suppose to “lock” them in place.

See for me its the opposite, i put them in with them pointed to my mouth and then i turn them down .

Hmm… makes more sense for me to point the mics toward my mouth But I mostly use mine for calls.

I’m with @Unnamed I usually point them towards my mouth. I know you said you tried all the tips, but I’ve found that generally if they are slipping out then you need smaller tips- so I think the smallest tips are your best bet.


Tape them to your ears
Lol jk

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May be “foam tips” could help.

As stated by @TechMan, I think you should start small a well. As stated it is locking action. This action consist of putting them in at about and as you are twisting them toward you face the curve and the plug should align with your ear canal. I have heard people state their preference was anywhere from 7 to 9. As you turn the earbuds they should sink in the ear canal a little. The main part of the earbuds should be hitting on the back if the ear. This eartips in the eardrum and the earbuds hitting the back of the ear provide the lock. With that said we know all ears are not the same size so I hope you can find something that works for you.