Liberty Air 2 right earbud problem

After step 6 it should offer to pair the L bud too, and you should accept it.

If you don’t then firmware update won’t work, amongst other things.

You dont connect to both buds, it’s not for audio, it’s for data (control).

Yes, it should offer to connect to “2L” as well.
The way I approached it is, first solve the connectivity issue by connecting ONLY to the “Liberty Air 2”.
Once you know the issue have been resolved, you are good to connect to the “2L” for updates and control functions.

When I had the issue and was paired to both “Liberty Air 2” and “2L”, the bud was either playing sound on the left or right but not simultaneously. So once you know you have sound on both buds from “Liberty Air 2” pair, you can connect the “2L” with no issues hopefully.


That’s usually because you’d paired it with another device and not done a full reset so the L bud went rogue.

I was having the same problem. My right earbud suddenly stopped working. I unpaired them, re-paired them, reset them, restarted my phone, made sure they were no longer paired or connected with my laptop, etc. There was nothing coming from my right earbud, no light or sound saying “Battery High/Medium/Low”.

I fixed the problem by charging the case and earbuds. It might be that the right earbud lost its charge, for some reason.

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I’m always connecting power to the case while resetting, it seems to work better at reset.

That and I find as I add more and more bluetooth devices to my phone, I’m having to clear the Android bluetooth services cache.